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Wasting Time, Losing Money on Facebook

Kris posts at least twenty times a day on Facebook.  Bits of a story, reactions to a current event, mentions of his past or his family’s past.

I don’t read 90% of what he posts.   Although a Yardie he is deep into the Trump pocket, which makes no sense as he’s not white and won’t get a VISA, and can’t visit America.   However, his keyboard is constantly posting pro-Trump rubbish, which is very funny, in a sick way.

He has posted twenty five times today, flicking from various Trump sites to discussing racial issues, in a kind of schizophrenia; for he is so ‘pro-African’.

There are comments on his items, some long arguments as well.

I invited him to write here, to write at Mylot, and his response; “I don’t have time.”

Now you know this is not a particularly intelligent fellow.  Even if he posted one of his items here, it would earn at least 15c.  Posting it on Facebook he earns zero.   I am sure people read his gunk and then take it to write articles on other sites… not everything… but a few posts that I have read have some historical value as his family has been here for over 160 years and they pass stories down the generations, so its a snip of history.

I never post things on Facebook beyond networking an article, adding a comment, for it is like walking naked down Main Street.

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Firstly, too much information makes you a target.

There are a number of reports of people whose homes were burgled while on vacation, and the fact is, by posting they were going on vacation on Facebook opened the door.   How do you know where they live?  Easy. Toilet Mouth and constant posting of photographs, including their car, creates a trail to their door step.

This is the least of the worries, as others have suffered physical violence due to their exposure on Facebook.

A woman was fired by attacking her boss on Facebook.   Men have been caught in adultery on Facebook.   The fact one can see your posts; that is your friends, and friends of your friends… it’s as private as … well.. walking naked down Main Street.

So, Kris will spend his days posting on Facebook, and I’ll spend my days posting here and on other writing sites, and we’ll see who profits in the end.


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    • I agree, one has to be cautious in posting personal matters, photos,etc. because there are so many scammers, thieves, waiting for a clue. It is better to spend time on writing/blog sites like where your effort and time are compensated.

      • It is so logical one can't imagine how anyone could miss the chance of writing here, getting comments, and earning... but some people are born stupid.

    • It has been a long time that I haven't posted anything on Facebook. Some people cannot understand the word "careful." There are so many bad elements in social medias and we need to be vigilant on this. I had tried to share this writing site but then, these people continued to ignore it.I just ignore them and do my thing. At least, I had shared it.

      • Same thing I did. I sent Kris two messages about this site... and he 'doesn't have time' When something bad happens to him on Facebook, he'll learn

    • Had he tried , he would love it here because a long post about a minimum of 500 words can earn him .22 while a shorterone , minimum of 300 words, can earn him $.15 . If he is industrious and have lots of time on the net, he can hit more than the minimum amount for the monthly payout.

      Anyway, some people really would snob a writing site at once, because they don't know yet that writing can give you fulfillment and friends here at LB. Fulfillment, because you got paid and you earn a lot of friends.

      Maybe you should show him your proof of payment. :)

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