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Understandable why Some Celebrities go Into Hiding

Is the fame really worth going through? Reading about John Lennon and how an obsessed fan killed John Lennon. Celebrities putting on disguises in order to see a movie or have dinner. Not being able to have any peace. Their homes being broken into and the “paparazzi” landing on their doorsteps. Watching the reactions of some celebrities is amazing. How upset some become because they’re so tired of being disturbed. The yelling and pushing and continuous clicking from the cameras.

Doesn’t sound very fun. Some running and almost crashing in order to get away. No privacy at all. If that’s considered idolizing then I’m not sure what is. Idolizing like no other. Extreme and oh so frightening. To have individuals so in tuned and needed to know every move the individuals make isn’t a healthy way to “live.” Having to hide their children. Comes with the territory. Little peace.

Some placing their hands up to try and block having their pictures taken. For instance Jay Z. Everywhere the rapper goes they’re right behind him. Trying to take as many photos as they can. Just awful. Jay Z’s daughter has “no privacy.” Can’t even attend dance class without the paparazzi trying to capture some photos. Quite annoying and although she begged to be able to go inside without having her photos taken. Paparazzi doesn’t listen.

Some behaving like a mob. Becoming because individuals want their privacy. Some demand to be seen and become angry when celebrities call their antics out. What does their behavior say about the individuals? Can’t possibly have a wonderful life. Living their lives to obsess about others. Watching their every move. Some become so tired of all of the drama. Some choose to just live a normal by stepping away from all of the glamour.

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Understandable. Being chased by anxious people. Some falling because of the tugging and pulling just to get close to certain celebrities. As soon as their hand goes out a over zealous fan comes pulling their hands so hard. I’m sure some would rather stay away but in order to keep “making a living” the fans must receive some attention. Put the fans and the paparazzi together and oh boy what a disaster.

Star struck perhaps. Their behavior is more than wanting a close up with their idols. Beyond not being normal. Some fainting and screaming. That’s how Michael Jackson’s fans were. Some have chosen to never leave their homes. Afraid to go out. Not wanting to deal with anyone at all. Some becoming so traumatized. Falling off stage and having to constantly look over their shoulders. “Prize of fame huh?”

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