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The creator and benefits of Netflix.

Moves is the best entertainment we have. In my case anyways. When my husband has a day off from work that’s usually what we do, Watch movies. Even on the weekends when the nephew andnneices are over to stay that’s what we do. We call it movie night.

Some of my favorite genres would be Comedy, horror, and action. Comedy movies are great when you’ve had along day and you need a good laugh, to let off some steam.

My husband’s favorite movies he enjoys are action movies. He enjoys watching military\ army movies. With me on other hand, I could set up all night and watch horror movies. Watching scarybmovies on late nights and getting goosebumps are the best.

As long as there’s movies and television I never get bored. I can bing off movies all day. Movies entertain me a lot,  then toubgot some people that dont even watch TV at all , like my aunt she just loves music.

There’s several different devices and apps to watch movies on. One of my favorite apps are NetFlix. You can now download Netflix on just about any device. We now have smart TV, which has the app built into it. You can also download the app on your phones and tablets. Me and my husband has the Netflix app on our Xbox one, this is normally how we watch our movies.

Netflix became a big hit. Especially for move lovers like myself. My niece’s and nephew love the Netflix app. It has all their favorite movies and shows. Family movies and barbie movies are a big hit to them not to mention my little pony.

Netflix is an American Multinational Entertainment Company. Year 1998 was about a year after Netflix was creadted. When the Netflix company first started expanding you would receive Netflix on the DVD by mail for the product to watch movies you wanted. Which was a whole lot better than having to go to town and rent movies for that night.

Netflix began to expand its business with the introduction of streaming media and Blue-Ray Rental services, this was around year 2007. Then before we knew it the company began to expand even more.

In year 2010 the company gained internationally with streaming also available in Canada. Every since the company has grown massive by year 2016 Netflix were available in over 190 countries.

Year 2013 is the year that Netflix entered the production business. The first series on Netflix were ” house of cards” since than Netflix expanded production for both film and Television series.

Netflix released over 120 original series and films in year 2016. Then in year 2017 there has been over 93 million subscribers worldwide. 49 million of those subscribers were in united states of america. Which I thought were incredible. Who doesn’t watch Netflix? I’m sure just about everyone’s does.

Netflix company were founded on august 29, 1997 located in Scott Valley, California. The founder of the project were by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. The company is headquarter in Los Angeles, California.

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Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings were both employees at pure software. Hastings were a former math teacher. He founded pure software recently selling it for $700 million. Hastings invested over $2.5 million just in start up cash for Netflix.

Randolph were the one to come up with the idea to start the company that sold items over internet, the only problem was that he couldn’t come up with an objevtive.

When Hastings went to return a movie and had fines after returning it late is when the idea blossomed. Netflix were originally launched on April 14, 1998 with few employees, which is known to only be about 30 employees. September 1999 is when Netflix introduced the monthly subscription concept.

Since that time the company came up with the best idea ever. A business model of flat-rate unlimited rentals without late fees. The was the best idea ever people were spending way too much money on renting movies from places like blockbusteres, because all the extra fees that were added in.

Netflix offered an $1 million prize to the best first developer for a video- recommendation algorithm. By year 2007 on February Netflix reached delivery its billionth DVD . in year 2013 Netflix reported that just from year 2012 had added over 2 million united state customers.

Netflix has won several awards since they’ve launched .

Primetime Emmy Award

Primetime Creative Arts Award

The Network earned six Golden Global Awards

Netflix has several genres to choose from.

Comedian, Thriller, Horror, Family, Romance, Documentary and much more.

What’s your favorite movie genre’s to watch?

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    • I had no idea Netflix was founded in 1997 as it does not seem that long. Do you just stream or do you get DVD

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