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Transformations Within the Mind in Time

The thoughts are so very important, what is thought of could cause increases, in some cases the thoughts could cause declines. That’s why it’s best that persons think on levels where there can be elevations. To think positively is better but how many will “think positively” on a daily basis? It’s best that there is positive thinking going on however no person will think positively every minuet. There are some rarely thinking on a positive level. It’s better to be surrounded by individuals choosing to be positive. Being surrounded by chaotic environments can cause fatigue. “I’ve chosen to replace the negative words with positive words and try to think more positive.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There is more focus now on the positives but there will be times when the negatives arrive. The good thing is that there are a lot of positive words to view and share. what a blessing! My eyes have viewed many words in which should have been left unsaid but once they’re out there there’s no taking the words back. At least there’s the ability to find the words which can add value to life. Smiling certainly helps to remove the negative thoughts and there’s “the ability” to think hopefully. How many are choosing to do so? It seems as though there are so many choosing to be negative but why?

Perhaps they too should decide to transform in someway. To be able to think at all is a blessing but when the positives enter then life will transform positively. Thank goodness. There is pleasure in knowing that there will be positively progressions occurring. Oh yes indeed. No matter what’s said I’ve chosen to insert the positive words where the negative words love to hang out. God has given me=Tanikka Paulk the ability to do so. “Yes there is still thoughts of moving forward toward further greatness.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’m continuing to work towards the highest level so that more can experience what I’m experiencing and “will continue” to experience.

The best thing to do is to continue moving with the important matters. To become more active in areas which will create more upward movements. There are so many continuing to believe that it’s best to try and prevent what should occur. What really needs to occur is “growth, progression, and revenue gain.” Yes, shouldn’t persons want to live better, shouldn’t persons want to receive abundance? It seems as though some aren’t so in tuned with developing better communities and a more stabilized economy. “The focus continues even when there are distractions occurring. I’m focused.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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There are movements occurring right now. Perhaps some aren’t interested in producing more revenue so that there can be decreases with the homelessness rate. There should be more living comfortably. Some may try to prevent others from assisting with making society more connected. There will be the right connections in order to achieve what society needs. Every person is in need, meaning that every person needs some form of assistance, no matter how wealthy they are. There will be proper “movements” so that countries experience the growth which should be allowed.

The transformations could take some time. No need to worry because the mind continues to project the thoughts which can and will cause prospering to occur. That’s right. Some will want to come along so that they’ll experience the transformation. God has told each person that transformation of the mind needs to occur so that there is greater experienced. That’s why I’ve chosen to study the “Word of God” more. Persons having faith should study the word so that there’s a better connection with God the Father of Jesus Christ.

I’m so blessed that God has allowed the transformations to occur. Soon enough there will be movements in the right direction. Perhaps so many are wanting to know just where the mind is headed. God already declared my purpose and that’s what is on my mind because I’m believing that there should be prospering. How many are thinking in such a way? It appears as though there aren’t too many thinking properly. The actions are giving what they’re up to away. “My thoughts are my own and I’m continuing to remain hopeful so that there will be more and more growth occurring. Amen!

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