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The top best ranked universities.

Standford university

Standford university is known to be a great university and the professors are always by their students side to help them through challenges and become the best that they can be. This is a private universate located in Standford, California. This university is one of the worlds top leading research and teaching institutions.

The institution was founded in year 1885 and was considered to be  science and technology institution.

Tuition and fees: $47,940

Room and board: $14,601

They are highly franked for school of engineering, law of school, school of medicine, and school of science. This university was ranked in the top five university of united states of america.

Vanderbilt university

This university was founded in year 1873, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

This university is a research and medical institution. The campus itself is a total of 333 acres. Not to mention this university holds so e of our smarts students.that are enrolled to become doctors and nurses. This students are our future. Not anyone can go to this university you has to have great GPA And SAT scores.

This university carries a study aboard program which 35% of the students are involved in.

The university is ranked in education and human development, law school, school of medicien, school of nursing and also has a medical research center.

Yale university 

This university is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Its an american private ivy league research university, which were founded in Year 1701. This is the third oldest institution with one of the highest education in the united states of america.

This university is well laid out and covers a lot of ground. A few of their nicknames are Bulldogs, Yalies, Elis. The university also has beautiful  ancient  and modern architecture.

Some of the smartest students of united states of america attend this college. Many of the courses involve science.

Harvard university

This university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which were established in year 1636, it has became one of the worlds most prestigious universities, due to its history, influence, and wealth.

To get in this university you had to work hard coming up in grade school and keeping your grades up, containing a great GPA.

For their school mascot they have a pilgrim, which they call John Harvard. You can the up all your major science and engineering courses at this universoty. One of the popular courses at this university was computer science.

Technology and science Play a big roll in this university. Harvard students are very smart people. These students are working to change out future.

Princeton University

I’m sure if not everyone that most people have heard of this college. Just like how we hear a lot about Harvard and Yale. These colleges usuallynp!ayna role in lots of movies, especially spring breaker movies. Yes! Its known they have some of the wildest parties, but they deserve it, they work hard and maintain there grades to be better people as they grow.

Princeton was the city founded ibefore american revolution. It was the best known location to put the college and that’s how they got their name for the university, which were founded in year 1756. They have tons of courses to apply for. Psychology, computer of science, music, theater, and even history.

Brown university

Brown university bid a private research university. This university is located in Providence, Rhode Island, united states of america.

This university was founded in year 1764, known as the college of English Co!only. Which gives me the impression of why they cover so many different languages.

The campus covers 146 acrrs, they offer well- regarded programs in English and history and highly ranked in medical schooling.

During the spring they hold an event that includes concerts, free food, and athletic events. The university is ranked #14 out of hundreds of universities. And they were even ranked even haven best value.

UNC Pembroke university

This university is considered a public, co- educational historically American Indian liberal arts university.

Located in the town of Pembroke which is in Robeson county, North Carolina the campus take sup 153 acres. Has 16 varsity sports, nick name is the “Braves”

This university was established in year 1887. The mascot is a red-tailed Hawk. UNC Pembroke is a master level degree granting university.

You can learn a lot about the Native American Indian culture and heritage at this university.

This school was part of the effort of the the Lumbee Nation in North Carolina  to preserve their unique identity.

The student can have fun and enjoy their self’s right on campus. Which includes bowling, tennis , basketball, and playing pool.

University of Notre Dame 

This university is a private catholic research university. Located south Bend, Indiana, united states of america.

The campus take sup 1,265 acres. Also has more than 25 varsity NCAA athletic teams. You can take up business and Law schooling.

Notre Same has been divided into eight schools and colleges. This college also had some of the  top ESPN sports players to graduates from their college.

Has several courses to take up, which includes accounting, political science and government, psychology, and economics.

university colleges are way different than community colleges! 

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