break the cycle, don’t let him abused you

I was one of the many people who believed in love that you two will last as long as you were together, as long as you gave everything, love, time and effort, but guess what we were just blinded by love, I was one of them that I would choose to believe lies because not that I’m stupid but because I am afraid to know the truth behind the lies, I was too coward to face the truth because i was afraid that time he might leave once i knew that he was seeing someone, i made myself look more pathetic that i made the stupidest decision ever, but not anymore. not today, not ever, never will i be blinded by love again, i already learned my lesson and decided to fight back, to show nothing but emptiness, toughness.

We all acted stupid, worse than stupid. Love made us stupid but at the end of the day you’ll realize that you are worth it and he doesn’t deserve to have you in the first place, because you are special, you are strong, strong enough to love him that no matter how stupid he is for cheating on you, for making you believe to all of his lies you are still there trying to fight for your marriage or relationship, he doesn’t deserve someone special like you, you are not a trash, he was the one who threw gold in garbage. Don’t let him abused you, there’s gonna be someone else that can treasure you and give all the love you need.

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Be strong and always trust your instinct. No matter how he tries to pull you down, be strong enough to stand up and break the cycle, you are special. Don’t let him deprived you from getting a chance to love and be loved, dont let him be his option, a shock absorber you are more than that. Always remember that you are special, don’t waste your time on him, break up, move on, love yourself, make friends and be happy.

Being single doesnt mean nobody loves you, it means that you care for yourself because you dont want to waste your time with wrong people and all the negativity, you don’t need them, always remember that,you dont deserve to be cheated, nobody is! and always keep this to your heart and mind that there would be someone who can treasure you, but for now you have to learn how to treasure yourself.

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