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The Irony On Terrorism

War is going on in Southern Mindanao. But the war is not against any other people. It’s against the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf—responsible of some horrible killings, kidnap for ransom, bombings and other terrorism in that region.

The Abu Sayyaf are being chased by the Armed Forces of the Philippines or AFP. Nowhere to hide, this could be the end of this group responsible of previous nightmare in the country.

But before that, the question emerge, why are this group so powerful? Are they connected to ISIS and giving them the armory and arsenal? Where are they getting their high powered guns, grenade launcher, grenades, thousands of hand guns, thousands of ammunitions among others?

Until today, from the news, people were arrested together with lots of guns and ammos. These men are not just an ordinary male people. They are supposed to be the supplier of high powered guns and ammos and grenades to this terrorist group. This group includes a man named Unding Kenneth Isa, a businessman who lost vice-gubernatorial race in Sulu.

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Now, he is a gunrunner.

Worth of more or less P6 millions of high powered guns and ammos include 5 M-4 with M-203 grenade launchers, 6 M-79 grenade launchers, 2 M-14 rifles, 1 AR-15 rifle, 1 caliber .45 with two magazines and thousands of ammunition.

But what could be troubling is the report that some of these arsenals came from the governments’ property. They are being illegally sold by some crooked government officials to the bandits that include the ASG, warlords and other politicians in the region.

The PNP Director General Ronald dela Rosa that there is possibility that these arsenal could be owned by the government because of the markings in the boxes.

This allegations is not the first time that guns and weapons being sold to the terrorists came from the government stocks.

Can you believe it, the government could be the supplier to the enemies and later shoot these to the soldiers and police of the nation?

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    • In response to your closing question: Yes I believe it. Governments, i.e. the folks “in charge”, do some unimaginable things. History bears that out.

      With respect to the title of your post, hope you don't mind me contributing my “two cents”. The irony of terrorism is that the terrorists will not call themselves terrorists for what they do to others, but if others did the same things to them, they would say it was an act of terrorism. Everybody is right in their own eyes. But God is able to judge. So for those who are not on either side? “Heavenly Father, deliver us from evil.”

      • I don't know but I think I changed my title three times but I was not feeling contented on the previous and even this. But I got your point, because I have read once a phrase that we judge other people on what they do and judge ourselves base on our intentions.

        Which means also terrorists are not only those hiding fighting on what they believe and they kill people because they need to kill, but also those in government doing nothing or just sitting but selling the guns.

        • I'm glad you understood me.

          Killing is murder. We are not talking about an act of self-defense or in defense of family or someone else. We are not talking about an accidental or wrongful death that happened but it was unintentional. We are not talking about war where you are an enlisted soldier or a police officer with legal authority to discharge a weapon in the line of duty. We are talking the planned premeditated taking of another person's life or the lives of many people, and those murderous acts being used to terrorize or strike fear in others, so that either the remaining living people can be controlled and/or so that those committing the terrorist acts can demand whatever they want and their demands will be met.

          Bottom line? There is not a human being on the planet who does not KNOW when their human rights are being violated and their life or the lives of those they love and want to protect are being threatened. When they recognize that the life and death situation they are in, they don't care if it's a “terrorist” or a “freedom fighter” or a “government”, they just want to escape ALIVE!

      • building or making our enemy, this is an irony. It seems the best writers for a movie sequence are in the government. In the end,the losers and sacrifice are the little people asking what is happening and cannot understand the name of the game.

    • Not only governments, all those countries who lecture other nations about war, terrorism and human rights are biggest producers and sellers of weapons and arms. The arms industry is worth billions of dollars and I have no doubt in my mind that they fund terrorism and supply weapons to both sides (government and rebels) so that their economy flourishes.

      You want to know another irony, those who manufacture and export weapons are highly developed countries. The countries with import weapons are extremely poor with no fund for basic infrastructure, health, education etc. for their people.

      • The dark side of high profiled business. Its hard to understand why we have a war, its easy to understand but you will cry when you know the truth-- we build, create and make our own enemy. Is this a kind of war games? The sad truth, the innocent, children, poor people are the victims of this war games. We are sacrifice just for them to bank millions of dollars.

        Nose bleeding me.

    • This is not a surprise to know that the Government stocks are being sold to the Terrorists by the Government officials. This is the meanest act on the part of Government . This is a cowardly act. The highly developed countries in their fight for Global supremacy have taken some wrong step somewhere at some time and are unable to take it back. This is the outcome of that wrong decision and step which the other countries are experiencing now. Do you believe? if I say that it was Md. Taraqui of Afghanistan who approached the USSR for help in their fight against Iran ? It is still continuing now.

      • so its like... because there are armory, arsenals and ammos but there are no enemies, we sell these stuffed to the people that can make them able to combat and make them unpopular to the place, and then the war begins because we just ignited it. It is really unbelievable this thing is happening to many countries. We make our own enemies and we supply them so we can make some war. Bad business.

    • Terrorism has been a pain in everyone's heart all over the world, and no one seems to know who is behind it. It's very unfortunate to know that it is not people from other countries who start terrorism in countries there is always someone behind the whole thing in that very country or government the terrorism is happening. We have heard so many stories about it and how it's is formed and the best conclusion that comes out is nothing far from the truth that someone superior or some tycoon is the one aiding or supplying the arms to perform this acts. In Africa it's said that this terrorists go through certain countries and use some locals to be able to get to th places that they need to go to and in turn give out some hefty payments to be let free. And in this life money has suddenly become a livelihood for many so people would give anything in exchange for money very sad indeed.

    • There are instances when terror outfits have used weapons earlier supplied by Governments and forces on the very forces later which supplied the weapons.

      • So, this is how they play a game, what a mockery. We should have a dream now, that there will be no crooked people thinking of war and battles but only talking about peace and unity, no guns but only funs, no tanks but only thanks.

        This is supposed to be humanity is.

    • I must say that our country is in chaos right now. I am not sure if things will be going better while under the administration of the new president. I cannot see any changes but to washed out people who are involved in illegal drugs. I am still waiting for any development of changes in our country.

    • I have said many time that those who change their leader keeping in mind some betterment for the public a day dream because the new will come worst than the former as has happened in Philippe.

      The most common definition of a “leadership problem” is a “leader problem”—a problem stemming from the person or people in charge, such as managers, chairpersons, or team leaders. Are they not doing their jobs? How can they improve their effectiveness?

      Do they need to be replaced? It is reasonable to examine what the individuals with formal authority in the group are or are not doing that is contributing to the group not achieving results. However, the quick leap from “leadership problem” to “leader problem” can create tunnel vision.

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