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My simple guide to LiteracyBase as a newbie
July 21, 2016
LB-simpleguidetoliteracybasepabloMy simple guide to LiteracyBase

I am thankful for my friend who invited me to join LiteracyBase. I actually heard about this site a few days ago, but have not made up my mind whether to join this or not. Glad that my friend recommended this to me, and I just joined yesterday.

Yes, I am still a newbie on this site. It did take me some time to get myself familiar with the site, but it didn’t take too long. I would like to share with you my first day experience in LiteracyBase, and hope my experience might give you some ideas or inspirations to join us and have fun here.


It is a site where we can write blog posts, participate in forums, express ourselves and share just about anything with others. Of course, for a better description, you can check out About Us page.


There are several tasks we can earn some rewards, such as logging in, updating our wall status (just like how we do in Facebook), commenting on forums and blog posts, sharing the posts in social media sites.

Two major tasks that help us to earn good rewards include writing blog posts and referring others to sign up.

Writing Blog Posts

The requirements for writing a blog post are quite simple: minimum 300 words, original content and the content should follow the site’s content policy. It isn’t too difficult to write a post with 300 words, sometimes you will just shoot over 300 words easily without even noticing it.

Go to Blog menu, then click on Post Now, there you can create your blog post. After submitting the post, it will be reviewed by the moderator. Once the post is approved, it will be shown in the Blog page. You can also check the status of the submitted post in your Dashboard.

Referral Signups

It is recommended to share your referral links to others, so you can bring in more members to the site. You will get a share of your referrals’ earned rewards up to 10% or more as referral commission. I think this is a really attractive bonus for us. You can get your referral link from your DashboardProfile.

To learn more about the rewards, you can go to Rewards menu, then click on Earn Rewards page. There you will get to see a simple video tutorial, and a list of rewarding tasks. Clicking on the task will bring you to another page that give you more details about the task, and how to work on it.


Our earnings will be updated at the top right corner every time we performed a task. This is really rewarding, as we know exactly how much we have made up to date.

I think there is no fixed rate for the task, especially the comment. As stated in the FAQ section, there is a complex algorithm to calculate the earning for each content, depending on the quality and quantity. Though I have no idea how the algorithm is, I believe when we are writing good quality content, our earnings will be better.

These are what I observed from my earnings so far:
Logging in: $0.01
referring a visitor: $0.001
creating a new group: $0.002
updating profile/wall status: $0.001
commenting in forum: $0.001 – $0.02
The earning for comment varies, I think this is where it depends on the quality and quantity.
I have not submit any blog post yet, so I am not sure how much we earn from a blog post.


It took me some time to figure this out. On the top right corner, under the earnings, you will see your avatar. Next to your avatar, there is a box greeting you “Hello“, then your name below it, followed by Log Out. Clicking on your name will bring you to your dashboard.

There you will see the following options:
Activity: List out all the activities you have performed and also this is where you can update your wall status.
Profile: You will get your referral link here, and also number of visitors & signups referred will be shown. Your current balance will be shown here too.
Notifications: I guess this is where we always need to check and respond to, so it keeps the conversation going.
My History: This is where it shows the individual earning for each task, so you can get a picture how each task worths, and you know how you can improve to get better earning for each task.
Settings: Here you can change your settings, especially the email settings. You can choose how you want to be notified via email.

Other options available in the dashboard include Messages, Friends, Groups and Forums.


Payment method: PayPal or Payoneer.
Minimum payout: $10

I am happy that the minimum payout is considered quite low. I am hoping I can make my first redemption very soon, and I can tell everyone out loud this site is legit and paying!

Another advantage of this site is there is no daily limit. You can participate as much as you want and thus earn as much as you can.

Though I have joined LiteracyBase for only a day, I enjoy spending my time here, especially with other active members around. I think it is worth to give it a try, no matter how, we are not losing anything. We still have fun, we still learn and we still make friends with others around the world. Let’s give it a try!

If you would like to make some extra money while blogging and interactingย online, join us at LiteracyBase.

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    1. IcyBC said on May 6, 2016

      You seemed to know your way around the site quite well, and these tips will help others that need a bit of details direction. Well done!

      • Thanks. I am interested to find out how this site works, so we can enjoy spending our time here. I am glad I have slowly figured things out, and hope that this simple guide helps others as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Where to change payment settings?

    3. This is a very thorough overview of how the site works. Excellent for a newbie!

      • Thanks Kyla! I hope this helps other newbies and those who are interested to join the site as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. Thanks for such an informative guide. I’m thinking of signing up and if I do I’ll keep this bookmarked ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you Michelle! Hope you will also enjoy as we do after you signed up to the site. Besides making money, we can make friends here and also learn a lot from other members here as well.

    5. You really know the site a lot. Talking about a very passionate person in here, woot woot! I love this sissy. You must be proud of yourself and I am liking what I read.

      • Thanks for the compliment. I am always excited to learn something new, especially I feel motivated about blogging and interacting after joining BlogJob. I am glad we have found LiteracyBase, though they are different sites, I can still learn from both sites. Moreover, itโ€™s always interesting to discover something, itโ€™s like an adventure.

    6. Thanks for introducing me into this new writing site. Good to see familiar faces around.

    7. I’m wondering if anyone has received payment yet. I’ve searched and haven’t found the answer. I’m waiting to find out before devoting a lot of time. I’m just skeptical because of past experience with other sites.

      • I understand that, there are just so many sites that do not pay or just closed down without even giving prior notice to the members. I have no idea if anyone has been paid by the site too, as it seems to be a very new site to me. It was almost empty before I joined, but just a few posts and groups around.

        I usually like to try it myself. I will definitely write a blog post if I have been paid by the site. I am trying hard to reach my first cash out now.

    8. I hope I could refer more visitors here without limit so I could use my Payoneer MasterCard. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Hi there, welcome to LiteracyBase. I am so glad to see you here. I was just wondering why you were not here this morning when I visited BlogJob. Hope you will enjoy spending time here too.

        I am sure you will certainly get a lot of referring visitors here, as there is no daily limit! Perhaps you can even get some referral signups too. You can earn as much as you want.

    9. You know fully well the site’s stuff. This a comprehensive presentation of Frequency Asked Questions of LiteracyBase. The newbies may have the option where to get basic information of how LiteracyBase works. And this one would give the best option for that matter.

      Every question they may be asking is well emphasized or highlighted for emphasis. These FAQs are enhanced in a paragraph form or structure as compared to the pro-form of the said FAQs. A newcomer or an older member could be referring these pieces of information once they may have something to clarify, something to review to avoid waste of time. This article is very handy and very useful.

    10. Thanks for the info. These helpful for the beginner like me.

      My friend also recommended these sites and I found it interesting. Can’t wait to explore the literacybase.

    11. good points you have here, most of them I have already known by now..
      Yes, interacting in forums is one of the best way to increase my earnings besides writing posts.
      Since writing posts needed some time for the admin to look through, forums and groups are the best earning points for the time being.

      In addition, you had earned yourself for the quality awards, kudos.
      Love reading your posts, very helpful

    12. Actually getting a referral does not pay well. I get only 0.001 for a referral signup.
      That is the same rate as getting visitors to visit a page.
      The referral earning will increase only when you get an active referral, so the actual task is to get your referral to work hard.

      • Amendment: It is $ 0.0001 for getting a referral.

      • Yes, I think you will earn 10% of your referral’s earnings. So, if they just signed up and do not earn at all, then you will not be earning any from them. I think many sites will only start paying the commissions once the referrals have performed a certain amount of tasks, I guess this will only benefit the site if you have active referrals.

        I did not know it’s $0.0001 for getting a referral. Thank you for sharing that with me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    13. Thanks for this “how to” article, very informative.
      O, I’m a 5-minute old newbie, so hi to you all.
      Hettie from South Africa

    14. YOUR article translates to a person wim has stayed long in this site and not from a newbie. I can admit that you have educated me much on how to get along on Literaaybase. Congrats pal.

    15. So we earn $0.001 for referring visitors? Does this imply that the view rate is $1 for 1000 views on your blog post?
      I am a newbie here so just trying to find out more about this place. Hope you would help me out with this question

    16. Being another newbie here, I am also interested in all these things too. Your post gave me a better perspective, thanks. The only thing I am confused about is the addition of photos and such, how to do it.

    17. This is a very informative post – thanks for sharing! It is probably great to put it in a sticky or part of the FAQ so newbies can have a read. I am intrigued how much it pays per blog post, though.

    18. Practical tips a newbie could understand right away! ๐Ÿ™‚

    19. It appears that some kind of posts on this website are not approved, does anyone know which posts are not approved.

    20. Thanks for an informative post! Easy tips to remember and follow, here.

    21. I have not regd., so far. I just wanted to see ‘write Here’. But, I am not finding anything. Time and again the facebook is interfering. Why is it like that? Should we write on fb post? Totally confusing. why they designed it like this is not clear.

    22. Yes it is really a wonder site limitless earning in one day rests on your efforts and essay writing. All must join this site for limitless earning just in one day via Literacy Base.

    23. I think you have explained LB precisely for the new comers but face book interferes again and again i do not what is the problem. Can anyone tell me?

    24. Hi I just started and your explanation helped a lot with understanding the hows and dos. Thank you.

    25. I’m still worried about the legitimacy of here.

    26. Hi, @jessicah everything what you have read about LB is self-explanatory. In fact, this is a reaffirmation of the FAQs of LiteracyBase. If you are not contented with this presentation or basic guide for the newbie like, you are free to reread and reread these things on FAQs section of this site. I don’t understand you when you wrote “legitimacy”? Are questioning the trust rating of this site either it is a legitimate site or a scam site? Try to check it by using the scamadviser program. There you may know the extent of trusworthiness of this site.

      If you are in doubt, you have to read more especially those proofs of payment which the members made. You are in that situation because you haven’t yet made your first cash out from this site. Have you? You are only one day old. Aren’t you? Keep on writing. Keep on participating on leaving a comments or submitting posts for us to react, to give our comment. Don’t be too negative. I know you will be paid in case you will have to make your first cash out from this site. Good luck!

    27. Quite well written and elaborately explained.

    28. Hi, thanks for your great info! I have yet to find the minimum words, thanks to you now I know. I find this site not very user friendly. Can you save a post you are working on, I lost one four times before I finally got to post it. It seems to be somewheres that I cannot find while being improved!

    29. Hello i am new here, knows sombody how to upluod a profile photo here?

    30. Lee ka…..wonderful information….good job dear!…. I really like the way you are trying to help and attract the new comers.I have learnt a great deal from this post. This type of information helps the beginners. It enables them to work diligently without any doubts or suspicions. It tells them that they are not alone and that there are so many to guide them on this forum.

    31. this is very very use full information keet it going on.

    32. Ty you for the help I’m really needed that information I hope I can keep it up I’m new to this too

    33. Hey! Can anyone tell me how to upload a display picture?

    34. thank you finaly some one can undrestad me ๐Ÿ˜€

    35. Thanks for your post. I just joined and was a little confused. I am starting to get the feel for it after looking around.

    36. I will say something here. I guess you would consider a newbie here. Although I had an account for some time. I actually forgot about this site because I am currently writing on MyLot and on other site that is awesome. And I guess writing on those sites I totally forgot about here. But I should dig in here a bit and try to learn it and become more active. How active? I don’t know. I do tend to spend time on those other sites. But if I can figure it out I am sure I can come up with a schedule.

    37. Thank you for this informative and useful post . I am a newbie here so i am groping my way around . I just have one question : When you make a post , isn’t that a blog already ? I am confused on that .

      • hi @Dina, LB has Blog section, so blog is blog and comment like forum reply is considered as a post, like your reply here. Hope this help to clarify your question. Enjoy here!

      • It is not easy for a newbie to write such detailed introduction and guide on learning on LiteracyBase as yourself is still in the learning stage. I learn and remind myself on something that I might forgotten when I come back here and read again.
        As mentioned, the good thing of this site is there is no daily limit, you may come and reply a forum or blogging or even leave a comment as many as you can, but the blog is required internal approval before publish, and the rate is determined by the internal or Admin.
        Another good thing is: daily log in bonus at $0.01. It is not really much, of course, but it do encourage us to come have a visit everyday and enjoy here.
        And, I have been here since last year, I can tell most of us are paid and LB is a legit and continuous paying site. LB has a very good record and good track on this. No doubt!

    38. Hello!

      You have written a detailed guide. We can find it in the LiteracyBase’s guide but a blog is easier to see in here. I recently joined and I am happy to see a blog with a lot of comments on it.

    39. Well i know now about everything but how does it pays i couldnot understand. It says to redeem coin but it doesnot give id of paypal to transfer….

    40. Wow very well written. I am a newbie as well, I registered three days ago I have submitted three articles about my life but this article my God I wish I got writing skills as good as you. I will definitely follow your every post. Thanks for this article it answers a lot of question.

    41. Thanks for writing a very detailed blog post for newbies like me. I just joined couple of minutes ago and frankly I’m a bit lost. This site seems very interesting, informative and entertaining. Hopefully, my stay here would be fun.

    42. Thanks a lot, it’s well explanatory enough for me to get started, you have done well.

    43. great article. Very informative especially for newbies like me here. Thanks a lot.Let’s see how this goes.

    44. Very information for a newbie. I’m still looking for information as to how you move up from the status of a newbie. Seems like everyone here is newbies, no matter how long they’ve been here.

    45. Thank you for this great guide. I just joined a day ago and seeing this guide is very helpful to me. It makes me more motivated to invest time and efforts here in Literacy Base. ๐Ÿ™‚

    46. I know this is a bit of a reaffirmation of the FAQ’s here, but I sort of find it useful. I am a newbie too and trying to find my way around the site has been a bit difficult, but that could be due to my slow internet connection today. I do like there are so many ways to earn and was rather surprised to realise how the comments I made have changed the counter. It is also rather nice to be able to see how much you make with each thing you write. Just now I am reading rather than writing to see who is here and what they do.

    47. I found all of this information very useful. It is nice to see a user explain how things work then reading it on FAQ for me. I think it is more real, showing what they know with their experience and how they have observed it all and this is something you did and found very useful.

    48. Hi Lee Ka. I just signed up here today, and I’mstill learning my way around here. Do I have to make an introductory post first or just go ahead and make a blog?


    49. Thanks for such great tutorial. I am very new, just joined today, so your guidelines are very welcome to me.

    50. Of course, this blog is excellent with all information a newbie wants. I was informed by my friend from mylot. In mylot earning process is dead slow where a newbie can earn after ten years from now on. When compared to that site this site gives us good earning in fast way. Thanks for writing this blog , good and essential for a new one like me to learn fast. Your words and motivation is simple and neat Thanks once again for writing this blog and you can promote it to everywhere so that more numbers of people would flock here making the site rich and pompous

    51. Is there potential to make good money? I am very interested in learning all I can about this site.

    52. Well done. Your post are indeed simple yet have all details that I required to understand about Literacybase and how to make money through this website.

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      weblog; this blog carries amazing and actually fine material in favor of visitors.

    54. Very good info. Lucky me I found your website by
      chance (stumbleupon). I have bookmarked it for later!

    55. Although I have been a member of literacy base for quite some time I have not posted yet. Why? Because of time restraints or constraints with my translation freelancing work. I am also active in other writing sites so I really do not have the time… But I will one day become more active on this site which is better than some others I used to write in to…

    56. Btw, what was that fastner you used on the stepper motors?
      ย Don’t think I have seen one of those before.

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      And he actually ordered me lunch because I discovered
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