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Simple and selfless wins the race

It’s a psychological proven fact that when someone talks in terms of ‘me or I ‘at most of the times people lose interest in his talks because no one is interested in self praise coming from a nondescript person too often. But if you look at this point from a closer angle you’ll find that almost all of us more or less fall in the same category.

In fact, being popular or getting recognition is human nature and as it provides motivation so there is nothing wrong if someone looks at you for few words of encouragement. However, the way some of us adopt to cheap gimmicks in order to gain popularity is unwanted or even produces adverse effects.

So, what do you think is the right way of gaining popularity if no one wants to listen to your exaggerated and repeated statements? Norman Vincent Peale the famous US Motivational Author, Professional speaker from Ohio, U.S.

Incidentally, Norman the author of one of the best books in motivational genre ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ has done lot of work in the direction of Art of Living, says, “There is no fixed formula for being popular but your simple behavior.

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Actually the definition of normal behavior is simple and mentally healthy people in a well adjusted, well within one’s own culture and simple gestures always leave a better impression. While on the subject it would be appropriate to say that normal behavior is also subjective and varies from person to person and also depends on situation.

We should understand it this way that what could be considered normal behavior for me may not be normal for you or someone else according to our society or country of residence. So it’s a matter that does not put us all in the same category but certain criterions are commonly applicable for everyone and all places and one of them is being fake or artificial behavior.

But the end line is that simple and selfless person has better chances of being popular than the one who tries hard to be one with his funny gimmicks.

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