Pets We Always Wanted At Home

Let’s exclude dogs and cats, these lovable pets are given. So aside from these two pets normally in our home there are other pets we always wanted to have. These pets are giving us patience to let us not be bored, no stress and forget the pressure we encounter in our daily lives, home or office.

But then again let me put from the list the snakes, gecko and other reptiles because we are biased because we always think this kind of pets are creepy, you know, the phobia.

So now, we can now put the list of the pets we are dying to have in our house.

Rabbits. These cuddly and furry animals have always been in the top list. It’s always a wish in our family. A pair of this pet, in any color—brown, pure white, black or combination of them will always be a good thing for us. We want this pet when Christmas comes. We are now preparing a good house for them. We have them in the previous, we are determined to have them again.

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Guinea Pig. Okay, this little version of rabbit will always be a good pet in our house. They move quickly and they are so lovely in our arms. Those eyes are also like the eyes of the rabbit. I think it’s a good combination that when you have rabbit you have also the guinea pigs.

Fishes. Any kind of fish in the aquarium will do a good pet: arwana, gold fish, koi, fighting fish—any fish that are colorful and even not so vibrant in color. Fishes will always be a good thing indoor. You feed them a little and then your stress is gone.

Aside from these cool pets, included in the lists are lovebirds and other flying small pets, then one or two of goat because they are cuddly and then a kind of beautiful chicken.

It’s always great to have a pet in the house.###

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    • Good article! I hace to say we hace at hime 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 nice fishes... And that's all! I mean, no goats or Guinea pigs!

    • I think I disregard th3 fa t that some people can keep certain animals as pets in their homes. Snakes for example why would someone keep something so harmful in their homes? What does a snake do for you other than scare you away? A gecko what good is it for surely. At least I know if I ha e a car that can chase away days and some creepy crawling things. And keep your house away from rodents that can cause problems or disease at some point. Having a dog is a good idea if will keep intruders out of your home that's for a good course unlike other animals. I have grown up with dogs in our home so I love dogs and that can be very friendly as well. Having a dog can also create company just playing around with it is just a good feeling

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