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I just learned about this challenge from Ultimate Bundle‘s newsletter. This challenge is said to help our family be, do and have more and also experience 7 specific wins in these 7 days. It starts on 27 March 2017, which is a week from now. Once we have signed up, we will receive a short video from one of the 7 experts everyday in the 7 days until 2 April 2017. The advice is to take the daily challenge with our family. With the brief video from the expert and links to resources that help us to learn more about the challenge, we will need to act on it in order to succeed. It is also recommended to share the challenge with our family and friends, as it is always good to share something valuable and meaningful with everyone. That is why I am sharing this here too.

When I first landed on Ziglar Family when I wanted to check on this 7 Day Family Challenge, I just think Ziglar sounds familiar to me, but I couldn’t remember where I read this name from. I am sure this was the first time I visited or heard about this website. When I was exploring the website, I found this name “Zig Ziglar“, then I remembered reading some great quotes by him. You might have also read some quotes from him and get inspired too. This website was founded by Mark Timm, but not Ziglar, and it is meant to teach us the wisdom, principles and teaching of Zig Ziglar. I would definitely find out more about this website, as I do not just want to learn about parenting, but my ultimate purpose is to help my family to grow. It looks like this website is good for family.

If you have visited Ziglar Family website, you might already knew about The Wheel of Family Life, which is a family check-up tool from Ziglar. It helps us to identify how our family is doing in 7 core areas – Community, Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Relationships, Communication and Work-life integration. So in these 7 days, we will receive wisdom for each area for each day from these 7 experts. These experts include Dave Ramsey, Tony Dungy, Gary Chapman, Josh Axe, Brian Buffini, Michael and Gail Hyatt and Tom Ziglar. Frankly speaking, from the experts of this list, I only know Michael Hyatt, he and his wife is going to talk about communication. I enjoy listening to Michael’s webinars and also reading his blog, so I am sure I will be learning a lot from these experts as well. If you would like to find out more about The Ziglar Wheel of Family Life to check how healthy your family is, you can check it here.



What we need to do is to sign up, then watch the challenge and take the challenge everyday, and also share the challenge. Do have you any friends in your mind that they might be interested in growing their family along with you?

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If you are interested in this challenge, you can find out more information here: 7 Day Family Challenge


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