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Why Do We Love So Much Dead

Isn’t that we are supposed to scared at death?

Long time ago people are just so frightened when they spoke of dead. People don’t want to look at the dead people in the coffin. They are running away when they heard of dead people. They don’t want to pass in the cemetery because of the thought that a dead might get up from the tomb and chase them.

But seems to me people metamorphosis now from scared person to become a brave who just making fun and mockery to the dead now. We are now the species who are just so happy about the dead and other scary things. In fact we do play them and make some funny and drama movies about them.

Look, in the movies alone, we have done so much dead movies and still counting. Have you watch World War Z, Zombieland, 28 Days Late, Night Of The Living Dead and many more.

Then we have the ending zombies’ series head by The Walking Dead, Death Valley, Z Nation and many more.

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Not only in the big screen and small screen we can see them that really entertained us, they are also in our mobile phones through to many zombies’ apps and games that we play them: Dead Target, Plants and Zombies, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, Zombie Highway 2. Lots of them in the apps store and they are coming.

Then in the music industry, they are Zombie by the Cranberries; Zombie Eaters by Faith No More; Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie, Zombie Stomp by Ozzy Osborne and there are many more songs about zombies. Then we are actually singing them.

Oh my, zombies are everywhere and they are now eating our brains and we let them control us. We are not scared of them and we are so fun of them. We have nowhere to go but to be with them.

How come we are not afraid them? Are we gonna be like them soon?

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    • Perhaps it is so interesting. That's the reason why people indulge with this death theme of games. The games are created to be eye-catching to make it successful and can capture the target market. For instance, some kids like playing "Plants and Zombies". It doesn't appear scary because the virtual graphics are not created bloody in the eyes of the players.

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