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LiteracyBase is sure talking business

There are murmurs about reduction in earnings at LiteracyBase a situation  not something one can one readily accept.  Instead of getting into depression it would be better to understand why this is happening.

Earlier LiteracyBase took time to first read through blogs and only approve those that had followed rules.  Now, LiteracyBase instantly approves blogs as long as there are enough words and the title is long enough.  When we see our posts in our Dash Board a smile appears.  A bigger smile is when we see our earnings go up.

We  tend to rest on our laurels.

But here is the catch

The software sits back until the posts are approved and then takes time to read through posts thoroughly checking if any of those rules are broken.  Here are the rules:

“Copied, Duplicate, Plagiarized and Spin Content Are Not Allowed.

Please Make sure your submitting article is unique and not already presented on any website!

Do Not Copy & Past Articles and Content from Internet to LiteracyBase.

If you are the copyright owner then make sure it is not already available on any other website.

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One unique article should only be present on one website either on literacybase or somewhere else.You .must need to Remove Your Article from all other sources before, you share your already posted article here”

Before submitting the blogs therefore the blogger should minutely go through the article and check for any possible reasons for rejection of the article.

Not only will the blog be rejected but such three rejections would mean deletion of accounts.

The blogger should know that any duplicate or plagiarised articles are not tolerated by Google and the site with an Adsense Account would be faced with the prospect of deletion of their account and if this happens the site will have no other alternative but to close down.

Those who were members of TinyCent site are fully aware of what happened when their Adsense Account was removed.  There was plenty of gaming by certain members which resulted in getting huge number of  views and this was noticed by Google and their Adsense Account deleted.  Tinycent is closed down.

We have to work together with LieracyBase if the site has to survive which in turn will benefit us

To be on the safe side therefore it is better that  fresh material is provided rather than depend on blogs that are written for other sites.  Even though they have been removed from those sites.


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    • Perfect timing again! Got my first confirmed payment so I can tell others LB pays and now … murmuring. Guess I'll just have to “wait and see”.

    • I like it that way because duplicate posts can endanger the site and even have their Adsense Account deleted.

    • I absolutely agree. We should be vigilant for those who have plagiarized posts and report them so this site will be rid of spammers and plagiarizers.

      This is what happened also to Bubblews. Because of the spammers, ultimately it closed down. Some can really be cheaters and greedy. They just want the money but won't wreck their brain a bit to make their own posts.

      • The site and the community needs to work together. The community should contribute positively which will benefit both the site and community. You are right. Bubblews went downhill because of spammers.

    • I receive Notifications via eMail of all new posts and of responses to group or forum discussions. So far whenever I've noticed “questionable content” by the time I get to it, it's already been deleted. So somebody is staying on top of things!

      • I noticed day I logged on, anxious to write a particular article. As I was waiting for the 'post now' I noticed something written in not English. I thought, let me get done with this item, and after I publish it...(I'm one of those people who gets a burst of creativity and have to run with it) I'll contact support.

        I didn't have to.
        It was gone.

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