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Literacy Base  is setting example for other writing sites     

The one who toys with new ideas fully enjoys his success and not only successes but he is always ready to take responsibility of his failures as well. I hope the editors will be as strict as they are to ascertain the quality of content as they are doing right now.

I think Literacy Base is doing that to keep site’s PR up and rank it better day by day. While most people prefer working on set trends or under the guidance of others but the ones who set trends are in fact the ones that lead the society.

Generally a lonely person is considered weaker but in my views a person who has the courage to walk alone and find his own way is the real man. How else would you consider a man who takes initiative and shows ways to others?

How do you expect to do something exemplary if you walk on the beaten tracks without doing something new for the society? For instance who would have thought about a website that will pay you based on your earning efforts?

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In fact, this site is like your own blog where you do not have to worry for a domain name, hosting it and look for the advertisers. I am very much sure if this experiment works out satisfactorily there would be more websites follow the suit.

I agree with the point that when you do something new or think something out of the box people tend to have certain doubts with your capabilities but the ones that don’t care for such doubts create history in the end. So keep writing and promoting this site even if the earning is not up to your expectation.

I don’t think a person should ever think that if he is doing something unique and even if he fails doing so it would not give him a bad name because he tried his best. In my views unless you will not experiment with your ideas the chances of new developments are nil.

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    • I am glad you have lots of positive things to say about this site. Glad you're saying it and not me. Seems like whenever I start praising a website I jinx it. I don't want to say too much out loud, but will quietly hope that this site becomes wildly successful beyond anybody's imagination, for both the owners and the members. :)

    • @suny This site gives importance to Blogs that have information. I hope many will appreciate and come here to do their bit.

    • Literacy base has a good start. Members are enjoying the time here. Earning some cents by posting articles and participating in the forums.

      But for me the most important for a site is the sustainability. We have been in many writing sites that we build good rapport and relationships, we make friends to each others, we did good conversations among others. But after that, what? It close and our friendship closed also.

      LB should think of ways to sustain it. Goal for a long plan and not just earning well now and then close just like others. This is for me setting the good example as writing site.

    • Better we do our work honestly and leave the result to the website. What actually they need is traffic which they do get automatically if it is on the increasing side. They are doing it. They need some time and effort also. The site is not lacking effort but I think the time. If they come out successfully, as you said rightly many sites would realize where they have left the things unnoticed. They may even do some research on this site and come up with a better option. Let us hope for the best.

    • Well, I agree to your views. Sometimes, our earnings might fluctuate but I prefer a stable and transparently working site to one which is not genuine and makes tall promises.

    • Well said, what you have said is actually true for th3 short time that I have been here I see th3 strict rules that are out in this site are really helping th3 site to grow. I especially like the part where you have said that sometimes walking alone is th3 best thing. You have all the time to think and come up with bright ideas thinking outside the box. You come up with stuff that people don't think about quite often. Then if course sometimes working with people would limit your thinking as well. So far this site is doing well and I hope it will stay longer and be a perfect example to the other sites.

    • Well, The things I like most about this site is it is having multiple ways of earnings. Even with this comment I will get something by them. And most unique thing is that we can also earn from other's work. I have never seen this option on any other site. So quite new thing for sure. I am happy that I found this site, honestly I wasn't active here but since last week for reaching to goal I am quite active here. And seriously I am enjoying it too.

    • It is really nice that we have this site. There are some writing sites died because of mismanagement. I hope for the best in LB. It is a good venue to share ideas and learn something new from members' blogs. Since I started to write online, I had to boost my confidence to share things up through writing. It is also a part of my story that needed to be told,

    • Yes, I think also think that Literacy Base is setting an example for others on internet because there will no cheat on LB in writing people write original articles as I have written more then 100 articles and and topic.

      I think it is a good site for the young writers and a heaven of female writers to write on all types of female issues freely but with strong arguments.

      There are over 200 million blogs on the Internet, so how do you cut through the noise and stand out in the crowd? A quality blog boasts great content, a powerful voice, and relevant, useful information. The problem is, putting all of those pieces together, understanding how to find the right audience, and marketing your blog is no easy juggling act.

      If your articles titles are attractive and original I am sure your article will be popular with the people very soon. You’ll learn how to develop a strong editorial strategy, attract the right readers and write engaging headlines that will drive traffic to your site.

      April will also explore some of the key problems that hold bloggers back -- from writer’s block to boredom to insecurity about what you’re writing -- and explain how to overcome them. Best of all, April will teach you how to save time and have fun while contributing to the success of your blog.

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