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Join me in The Tidying Up Letting Go Of Stuff Challenge

Have you read or heard of the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing“? It was written by a Japanese author, Marie Kondo, and she is the founder of the KonMari Method.


I have been reading a lot about her book on the Internet, in various blogs, especially parenting blogs. I have been reading how magical the KonMari Method is, but I have not really read or buy the book yet. I doubt if I can really follow the KonMari Method in tidying up and letting go of stuff. I roughly know how the method is by reading here and there from other blogs, it sounds good, but I am just not sure if I can do that, especially with three young children at home and two of them enjoy creating messes and having fun (and one is still a baby).


I just found this challenge from Finding Joy. It is a 6 week email course or challenge. We will get a link to each week’s post and a challenge from the author, Rachel Martin. It sounds good for me. I always like to participate in challenges as they always help to motivate me to do and be better. Moreover, I will be told how and what to do every week, and hopefully I will be there after six weeks. This plan sounds good to me.

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I am currently decluttering, tidying up and organizing the stuff in my home now. So this challenge just comes at the right time for me. It is always good to have some friends who do this together with me, but I can’t really think of who needs this challenge in my real life, so I am happy to share it here and hope to inspire anyone who might be benefited from this challenge.


If you are interested in this challenge, you can find out more information here: The Tidying Up Letting Go Of Stuff Challenge


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    • De-cluttering, tidying and cleaning at home is always a challenge. At times, we declutter and tidy, but things again get worse. Perhaps, we need to create a sort of "process" so that things stay in place regularly.

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