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Is There Justice Of Your Martyrdom? If Not, Set Yourself Free

We always hear people saying you are a martyr. What they mean here is despite abuses done to you by your better half; still you cannot release yourself from those abuses. Why not try to ask yourself if what you are doing and struggling are worth of such tolerance? Is there a need for you to sacrifice that way? If you have knowledge of your husband’s infidelity, then you can’t you leave him? If you have caught him with another woman in the actual combat, LOL, throw all his things and stuffs outside your door and lock your door to mean he is not anymore welcome in your life. If you do not have children, better be the one to leave and start all over again so you will not suffer heart ruining as days go by for you will surely see your better half changes a lot. For me, there is no reason to cry over spilled milk. If I am married, thankfully not, hehehehe, I will never allow myself to see my husband again even his shadow I will surely hate for the pain he would inject would be too much to bear and not even tears can wipe away those troubles and pains . If there is a chance to reconcile and your better half promises to renew his life and never do the same mistakes again, always remember the proven experiences of others that once a cheater remains a cheater.

Further, if you like to give your partner a chance, you will not be the same better half again. What you will see and feel are those pictures that you saw with your better half and the third party. You will also feel the distance between you and your husband or wife. If your martyrdom portrays another role and that is within a family, well, it depends on the burden your shoulder carries for as long as we live, there are always struggles, sacrifices and problems that go with us temporarily. Life is also not beautiful and challenging to love by without experiencing hardships in life for from them we will become stronger. However, if the martyrdom you mean is due to material things your family aspires for , and you lack the capacity and finances to give to them their desires, then you may resort to doing illegal activities, and that is not martyrdom that is what we call stupidity and insanity. The meaning of your action is adding another problem and that time that problem is described as worst for you may put your family to shame and you to land in jail. Gone will be your dreams for a happy life if you will want to engage with illegal activities just to see your family live in luxury that is totally, wrong.

Set yourself free from injustices of your own thoughts. It is our mind actually that desires what to do for a better life and it is our mind to judge whether there is a reason for you and everyone on the planet earth to be a martyr for the sake of others. Many had become martyr and they were truly gifted to be called such for the shed their blood for the sake of freedom of the entire humanity in a particular setting. They are called heroes. There are so many heroes that shed their blood just to regain freedom and liberty deprived and taken by foreign invaders or mother, criminals and they like.

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If you realize now that there is no need for you to stand that way life full of struggles and sweats almost run dry for an effort to accomplice your desired action for the sake of others, for the sake of family and for the sake of a better half, why not try to let your analytical mind solve it and let it show the most possible resolution to your broken heart because you let this happen to you because of many reasons. It is you, the owner of yourself and decision to eliminate obstacles in your life. Why not give yourself a chance to be happy and live in harmony and freedom? What can you say, am I right?  Are you this martyr of no reason? If the reason is LOVE, then, it is all up to you my friends. Correct me, if I am wrong.

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    • Martyrdom should be throw away their vocabulary. It wasn't the answer to living in peace with someone who doesn't appreciate things, especially with their partner. If things are getting rough and done the best a woman could, then it is about time to break free from their marriage. We cannot be a symbol of martyrdom in the eyes of people in the community to be accepted. For traditional mindset, they will be loyal for the rest of their lives after saying the vows in the church. It should not be always the case. Women are so empowered and ready to face the challenges as a whole.

    • Yes. It does not make any sense sacrificing ones own interests and happiness for the sake of others who do not deserve it. It applies equally to both genders whether that is a woman or a man. It does not give any sense for a man to sacrifice all his wants and comforts for the sake of a wife who can not live comfortably with her husband and cheats on him and vice versa.
      In case there is a chance to excuse or pardon it all depends on one's individual choice and the way one is convinced and prayed for such excuses.
      The modern society is slowly moving towards liberty and equality . They are meant not only for men but also for women. How long she should suffer the torture from her husband when it has no meaning and purpose. It applies equally to husband also. A lady can not fight for her rights and equality and again cannot take shelter in the name of her feminity. If she is confident and convinced of what she is eligible for and that she has been deprived of being one's wife she need not move on to the street asking for it. She can discuss the matter over the table with her husband making the thins clear and can find out a solution for her problem without any hue and cry.

    • @Shavkat, wow,I like those words to break-free from marriage that is not anymore colored. I have two sisters martyr of their marriage. I do not know why they were able to withstand struggles and heartaches. One sister as sick of heart . She cannot anymore suffice the abuses done to her by her husband ( deceased). She had freedom and liberty after the death of her husband. That was not a happy marriage.My other sister had a husband over jealous of anything even within their family.It seems abnormal behavior acting that way in marriage. That is one reason why I was afraid to marry when I was in my early 20's afraid of some unknowns. Despite that I never regret for being single means setting the self from the bondage of many responsibilities and bondage of a moody relationship due to over jealousy, over possessive partner, lazy partner, and more.

    • @sivasubrahmanyam shatdarsanam , Very well said my friend.The couple in a shaky relationship may have a resolution of their problem to stop worrying, pains of not seeing both sides in a happy mood. If they sensed flew away, why for it to happen that way hurting the wife or husband. One's for all, they have to settle the matter if it could be settled. They have to talk and clear their conscience. Sometimes too much stress lead a person to be less sensitive to his very wn family. He seems cannot anymore feel their needs of communication with you, That is the most important in a relationship or family to have constant communication to know what happens day to day and to know what is experience everyday.Why make it that way? If cannot be settled they have to separate their ways.

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