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I will always choose android phones

If you ask me to choose between nokia and android i will always go with android phones.

It is totally based on personal preference.

And Some people like Windows and some like Android.

And Windows is a product of Microsoft an Android is a product chiefly of Google.So In my opinion Android is much better than windows.

Because all knows that android gives us a large number of application to use and it also supports them and in windows section there are limited applications as compared to android.

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You know Nokia shot up mainly because of it’s durability.However, it is the era of smart phones now, so why does not call just for durability or a good user interface but also a good OS and speed. And That is where,I personally feel,Nokia phones fall short. I am sorry if you find it offensive but in my opinion, Nokia Lumia are the worstest of phones. Whoever I know possessing these series of phones(especially 610 ,710), they have had problems all the time. I am not sure but I think Lumia 710 doesnnot even have bluetooth in it.

So what if whatsapp is in rage which allows media files to get transferred?Even the low end phones these days have bluetooth.

I think Nokia phones with qwerty keypad ones work pretty good.And Again, I have seen that whoever were possesses qwerty keypad phone of Nokia were happy with its working. I believe,seriously Nokia are good now,only if you require a phone for its most basic use only,It is smart phones do not provide that utility which means much broader usage,and much like a computer.In my opinion,Samsung phones and iphones are the best.

They also have myriad of models available within numerous price ranges.Moreover, in samsung you get the reliability of Android unlike Nokia phones which run on Windows OS.And I am not belittling Windows, but as far as OS for smart-phones is concerned, Android is a surefire success.

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