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These 3 Applications Can Make Your Android More Sophisticated than iPhone

We all probably know the competition between iOS and Android platforms is becoming tough. According to some reviewers from various sources, Apple is always one step ahead of Android. Although, some consider that Android is more sophisticated than the IOS.  But here we are going to discover the 3 applications that can make an Android device more Sophisticated than the iPhone.

The three applications below are capable of making your Android performance more advanced without having to use a root access. Besides that, they make your Android looks cool. In which, you cannot find such apps available for iPhone

Make Your Android More Sophisticated than iPhone using These 3 Applications

1. Du Battery Saver

If you’ve been using an Android device for a long time, you should be familiar with Du Battery Saver. Du Battery Saver is an application to optimize the battery of your Android device to be more durable. This application is capable of holding your Android battery more durable up to 50% than the normal usage.  The reason you need this application is due to its direct widget to control the applications running in the background on your Android device with just one tap. iPhone doesn’t have such feature. Besides that, Du Battery Saver also features Smart

The reason you need this application is due to its direct widget to control the applications running in the background on your Android device with just one tap. iPhone doesn’t have such feature. Besides that, Du Battery Saver also features Smart Pre-set Modes that can determine the most appropriate mode for optimizing the battery of your Android device. Additionally, its Healthy Charging Manager and Accurate Status features make Du Battery Saver able to support the performance of your Android and make your Android much cooler than the iPhone.

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2. Locket Lock Screen

This application is different with Du Battery Saver. This application may be still rarely used among Android users. Apparently, Locket Lock Screen has been pulled from the Google Play Store and you cannot find it on Google Play Store. However, you can download Locket Lock Screen from its official website. Locket Lock Screen is an intelligent lock screen application or a smart lock screen and can bring you to keep up-to-date with the things that happen at the moment. You can see the information as simple as when you wake up or bed time.

This smart app learns your preferences and habits to bring you to the most relevant content on the lock screen. The more often you use Locket Lock Screen, and then this application is getting to know you and make it more user-friendly for you. Locket Lock Screen was voted as one of the “Best Apps of 2014″ by Google. You can get the news updates simply from your smartphone’s screen.

3. CM Locker

This application has been widely used by Android users. CM Locker is an application from Cheetah Mobil developer that also develops a popular application for Android, CM Security. The size of CM Locker is less than 4MB and it’s a very user-friendly application. This app runs lightly on your Android device and only requires a bit storage memory and battery usage.

There are a lot of things you can do with CM Locker that iPhone cannot do. The following are the features of CM Locker that can make your Android more sophisticated than iPhone:

  • Customize – You can add an avatar as the password pages. You can also choose the best layout that fits your smartphone.
  • Phone Booster – Improves the speed of your Android device up to 100% directly from the toolbox.
    Save Power – Cleans the applications that drain the battery of your device to extend the battery life by up to 30%.
  • Intruder Selfie – Captures the face of the user who tries to hijack your phone by entering the wrong password.
  • Notification Reminder – A quick access function to incoming messages such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, etc. It also supports a Private Mode that can hide your content.
  • Music Control – Helps you to easily control the music on your Android with just one operation.
  • Camera Shortcut – It’s an easy access to the camera app, means you will not lose your worth moment.
  • Handy Toolbox – This is a set of meaningful features to support your daily activities. They are such as a flashlight, calculator, recent apps, etc.
  • Weather Forecast – Keeps you up to date on the weather.

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