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God is Certainly up to Something

When it appears as if the whole world has gone mad. As if every being has turned away. There’s something cooking. When it appears as if the troubles keep making their way in. There’s breakthroughs. No day is hopeless. No person is hopeless. Although we’ll face a lot of adversity “we’re able to manage.” The dream should fade and no person should feel as if they’re alone. God is always on His job. No matter what it looks like. He’s working all out. Yes, He’ll allow a lot of occurrences to occur, but His love will never fade. There will be tests and depending on the mission, journey, or path. God may allow a lot of troubles to occur just to see how we’ll deal with the matters.

He knew that His children would cause all kinds of chaos. No matter what we do God continues to supply unconditional love. Perhaps we all take advantage of His love. Not “considering” one another and not displaying love. God wants His children to love one another. Too busy competing and fighting and some not even aware of what they’re fighting for. There appears to be more hate than anything. Not wanting to see others prosper.

Through it all there will be blessings. When we least expect the blessings to arrive. That’s why we’ll have to go through so much. The blessings could be so large some may not know what to do with the blessings. God has even each one their own gift and there’s no need to try and steal another’s gift but these things are occurring. Of course God isn’t pleased with the individuals who keep going after other’s due to envy.

Not allowing others to excel and everyday filled with thoughts of trying to get back at another. Doesn’t appear as if too many have any Godliness within. Even close relatives will turn against one another trying to steal what isn’t there’s in the first place. More “misunderstandings” than anything. Continuous cycles of anger and bitterness. Even with all of these matters all hope isn’t lost.

There’s a lot to be grateful for may not seem as if too many are grateful. Not enough humbleness. A lot of arguments amongst a group of people. One side wanting the other side to whatever the other side is saying. We’re in constant battles and some are aware that certain individuals will receive blessings and that’s why so many will try to prevent the blessings from pouring in. “They’re unable to stop what God has already designed.”

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Although they’re aware of the difficulty removing some individuals from their positions. They’ll still try. The more they’re pushing. God is continuing to gather the blessings up for delivery. He knows there’s a lot of people waiting to try and take away from others. That’s why He may delay some “breakthroughs and blessings.” He hasn’t forgotten about His children. Even if others feel as if certain individuals don’t deserve the blessings it’s up to God. He knows.

There’s no denying that we can not please everyone. Why should anyone try? Some will have to be secretive about what comes through their hands. There’s so many wanting to receive what isn’t their blessings to receive. So they’ll fight and fight. Really aren’t getting anywhere. Being so hateful when there’s so many who really deserve to have what God supplies. More “love” is needed but it appears as if not too many are willing to do so.

“Hold on and Watch and see How God Works. He Knows What to do.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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    • There is this saying that goes like "LET GO AND LET GOD" if you read between the lines you will understand what I mean by that statement. Though it is straight forward you don't need to expound on it. It's all about leaving everything to God. Don't keep dwelling on the things that keep putting you down, sometimes it's good to just lay on Jesus feet and let him do his work. Don't keep stressing over stuff that you cannot change. When we pray to God, our words go up to him and he brings down answers. God let's us go through stuff so that he can teach us something, or warn us, or protect us. We should not always take disappointments to be a bad thing, we should in fact embrace them because it's through this trials that we get breakthroughs. Think about it this way you have to have a disappointment in your life to be able to get to your appointment. So don't disregard them they happen for a pretty good reason. I am an example of such I have experienced so much pain and hurt in life but when I look back at it I realize that it was all for good course. If i didn't go through the turmoils I would never have travelled to the places I did, i never would heave built the house that i built and so many other things. That's why I look back and just thank God for his ever loving mercy and grace upon my life.

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