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God has Provided the Knowledge Within the Good Book

The words provided in the Bible are to be read and studied. God has instructed that spiritual leaders read and study the word. Persons wanting to be spiritually connected should read to see what God has said and expects. Although some have chosen to omit what the Bible has provided God continues “to love” His Children. What occurs today and yesterday has already been spoken about in the Bible. “To read and to understand will lower the worldly risks.” (Tanikka Paulk). God has spoken and what God has said is.

Mankind seems to continue to try to overpower God. Satan was punished because Satan tried to rule over God. Satan wanted to become more powerful than God. Impossible. No man nor woman can become God or Jesus Christ. Mankind can’t create the Universe. The ability to understand some decided to twist God’s words around. They’ve tried to overpower the said to be “powerful.” There are many Biblical stories and God entails what He wants His Children to know. “Knowledge is in the word.” By: Tanikka Paulk

What is perceived is believed and believing is faith. To believe that God will do what He said He would do. There are many tools provided to each and every person. There has to be the desire to want to learn to grow spiritually. “My faith is within thee no matter what occurs I’m refusing to allow my faith to leave me=Tanikka Paulk.” Knowledge is power. The word is is very important. In the Alpha the word is implies that it is and it is so. Concrete and although mankind will place if God has already said that it is so. Spoken.

If we’re expected to receive the abundance then there has to be the decision to become more spiritually connected. To forget about what the world has to say meaning the worldly words the dysfunctional actions and to receive the words spoken by the Almighty God Lord. The challenges can be conquered by love, understanding, and seeking spiritual knowledge. “To be declared anointed is to be just be automatically.” BY: Tanikka Paulk. Mankind seems to believe that their actions will cause a person to turn away from God. The actions could and has caused closeness a closer bond with the Almighty.

So many have misjudged they’ve mocked the words addressed. There are the movements in which will provide the necessities God’s words are valuable and Jesus words are very important. Note that the words are written in red. Red symbolizes the blood, Jesus’s blood, the words are true and of truth. The worldly thoughts has caused the disrespectful  words projected by mankind. “My words are valued and it is valuable God has said.” (T. Paulk) Look inside Genesis and see what is inside.

I’ve been said to be different and will read and understand differently. There seems to be a lot of spiritual competition but my focus is on the words in which God has provided to thee (Daughter). The disruptions in which mankind tried to project has caused more focusing on the word. They’ve tried to shake me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to break me=Tanikka Paulk. I’ve weeped but I’ve remained whole. Isn’t that what Jesus said about daughter? Whole and to go in peace meaning to be at peace.

The challenges in which mankind continues to throw my way aren’t going to cause my patience to leave me=Tanikka Paulk. There seems to be so many unwilling to accept that my positions which include being chosen by mankind and God. Amen! They’ve tried to remove my presence but I’m still continuing because God has allowed me to do so. So it is written and it is said to be. Why have they tried to force the words spoken by the Almighty out? Perhaps they’re intimidated. There is the rise and there will be the continuing of the rises. too focused on what I’m suppose to accomplish and won’t fret because I’m aware of what God expects.

My journey isn’t complete. Read and see what is expected but there is choice and some have decided that they would rather remove words the valuable words. God’s words. God isn’t to be a spirit which mankind should deny. It’s proven to be the Alpha has it, that, so. Light is good that is good. Reading has helped to lower stress and to incur more understanding. There are many advances when reading also scriptures are properly studied by writing. What God has said is written and was written on stone.

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Without the white paper the words wouldn’t be in the Bible and all need the words. The words need to be heard and seen. My faith is within and no matter what’s said my faith will remain. There are the unbelievers they have tried to convince me that I’m  wasting my time by getting closer to the knowledge. God’s knowledge. “Seek and you shall find.” Found, founded, finding. “As they watch me write and watch me post my writings they’ve witnessed what God has provided to me which is thee.” BY: Tanikka Paulk.

There are many reasons why I’m continuing. There are the invaders they shouldn’t disrupt my journey. There is no invitation to the sabotagers. They’ve tried to disconnect my spiritual connected and I’m refusing to accept what they’ve had to say. The tools provided to me (Tanikka Paulk) are worn everyday. “The Full Armor of God.” Read and see the description of Daughter daughter which are the same and no matter how they’ve tried to deny my titles they’re so. The Alpha and the Omega. Front and Back. Up and down. Side to side. Beginning to the ending.

What I’ve gained some wouldn’t consider to be much. I’ve received abundantly because I’m still here. I’ve angered some folks and I’m in no way remorseful about their feelings. You are powerful, you are valuable, YOU are said to be great. I’ve supplied what God has instructed and God said to recognize others. How many have? Read and see what “God said about helping others and recognizing others” “Provided.” My purpose has been declared and although there are some who’ve tried to omit what God has already ordained they’ve observed that their actions have caused upwards motions.

I’ve been lowered but I am rising. My place is already set and I’ve read the how. If is printed on my documentation but God said it is so. Meaning  it is concrete. God provides the protection for daughter. Mankind tries to shake daughter but God said in Hos own words that He won’t forsake. Jesus won’t forsake mankind challenges because they’re afraid. No matter how the words are directed I’m the chosen. Although some won’t admit to so it is. To be, to being. to become and God said to transform the mind. Think differently.

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