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Gem Stones: Relation with Karma and Planets

You must have seen many people wearing number of gems as suggested by astrologers in the hope of getting good result for their life. Or shall I put it this way to get favor of planets people use gem stones, rings, necklaces containing precious or semi precious gem stones. According to astrological belief there are nine different gemstones for nine planets.

As per Vedic astrology life of human goes in a set pattern from the moment of birth until end of life. If we have to believe the astronomy we are affected by the planets in a certain way. This effect may be good or bad depending upon past and present karma of the person. One must remember that good karma bring good result for you. As the saying goes “you do something good for someone the result will reflect in what you get in return or even better”.

According to astrologers one should wear a gem stone as per the advice of qualified astrologer carefully reading the persons’ favored planet present at horizon at the time of his birth.  People should carefully choose one keeping in mind that only a qualified astrologer can decide this. Generally there gems including Diamond, Pearl, Cat’s Eye, Ruby, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Coral, Hossonite or Gomedha used for various purpose.

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I have no belief in stones or gems so I do not wear any of these but I have seen people wearing so many stones all at the same time that makes me feel whether he is under the bad influence of many planets. It also makes me think just how can you satisfy so many planets and get there favor at the same time? For example I know someone wears a Red Coral and a Yellow sapphire for years and still not satisfied with his life. I personally have no faith in this theory but if some of you believe it I have nothing to say.

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    • As per Hindu tradition, Astrology is the study of plants and their influence on Human Lives. The nine plants in Astrology manifest different qualities and each is associated with a particular color.

      When a person takes birth depending on the time of birth a particular quality will be predominant in his horoscope. This is to say a particular planet representing that quality and thereby the color associated with his horoscope. Similarly, other qualities (associated with plants and colors) are also shown in the horoscope. A perfect balance has to be maintained for the smooth running of a life. If there is any imbalance is noticed that particular color associated with the planet can be substituted by prescribing a gem.

      It is not necessary that one should use the only gem only. Any crystal, paper, color glass, the colored cloth can be used. But, the quality and the amount of color will not be pure in its form and there is the likelihood of fading away in due course. As such a gem which provides a good quality of color for life long is prescribed. Sometimes, the astrologers also suggest using some colors on a particular days only.

      Everything is designed scientifically by our ancestors. Unfortunately, we with misunderstand, and immature scientific knowledge twist the things with a biased mind. No one is going to lose anything if one does not believe in astrology. This is only after careful thought one will go and opt for it. Some people who are not so matured in their thinking follow certain saying with diligence and experience the benefits.

    • I love to wear gemstones too, depending on my mood for wearing it. I somehow believe that it brings good vibes, but I do not totally rely on it for my good fortune. Of course one has to strive to make his life good or better instead of relying on birth stones or gems or any lucky crystals.

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