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Do You Miss The Cars Of The Past?


When I brought my 2014 Nissan, I felt like I had arrived. Great state of the art. All you had to do is press a button on the ignition and you were set to go. Also, it had a great air conditioning system as well as a device for weather conditions.  It, also, had a smooth ride but I had a rude awakening. First, I was, partially, covered and did not have a full warranty. I, deliberately, chose that option because a full warranty would have upped the monthly payments. I figured that since it was fairly new, it would not give me any problems down the road. I was in for a rude awakening.

My son’s Caprice.

Trouble Along the Road.


Soon, I started seeing the Check Engine light lit up. So, I took it to the Nissan dealership. They had to put it on a scanning device and, unfortunately,  it was not covered. I had to pay $112.00 for that  scanning device. Then, I found out that it need about $400 worth of repairs. Thank God, there were minor repairs and did not affect my car, overall. Bearing this in mind, me and my son (The mechanic) fixed it at a lower price. Then, there was the keys. My son misplaced the keys and I needed to have the spare. It would have cost me $300 to get a new set of keys and update it on the computer. Hail to the age of technology!

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Somehow, I found the keys and saved myself about $300–Thank God. As time passed by, my son decided to   purchase a 1984 Caprice. (Picture listed on the top of this article). I liked the fact that the keys were affordable if they got lost ($2.00), plus it did not have all those ridiculous tech items.  Old cars can go up in value and if you know what you are doing, you can make a nice profit.  New cars do not hold any value and as soon as you drive it off the lot, it diminishes in value. That is why you need a good car insurance with the GAP option.


Closing Thoughts.


Please do not misunderstand me. I am happy with my Nissan Altima but if I had seen the whole picture, I would have invested in an older car, fixed it and had it accumulate value throughout the years. My wife, also, has a 2010 Blue Focus. That car is very reliable and has blessed us along the way. If you are going to get a new car, I would recommend a Ford Focus. My Nissan is, alright, too but it came with some minor defects and I was a little disappointed. Nevertheless, it has, also, treated us nice and is a good gas saver when you take it to the highway. Anyway, that is my two cents concerning cars. Hope it helps someone down the road.

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