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Could you leave the internet for good?

In this Era we are all connected by the internet. We use it to call people, hang out on social media sites, watch movies and much more. We almost do everything on the internet. In the 90’s we haredly had thiscoming out. It was a new thing but people back then survived without the internet. Our people and human kind have lived without internet their whole lives yet seeing today, no one can live without it.

You need internet for almost everything. It is used to communicate between businesses, for school research, for chatting, entertainment, information. It is a whole world out there that this generation is getting too used to.

You hardly see children playing in thee streets and having fun, instead they are inside on their computers and games. This is no childhood. I remember my childhood. We were starting to use the internet, but we played outside, we would actually hang out with our friends and i even remember needing to call the landline phone to be able to invite a friend to play.

These were the days people were actually people and not a status on a social media site. This is when people actually left the house to have a conversation.

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We got tused to this new age where the internet dominates everything. Why use see TV when you can see it all online? Why listen to the radio when you can search the music you want? Why read books when all the information is on Wikipedia?

Everything is done online and in the future we will be more dependent on this.

If the world had a huge blackout where everything and everyone stayed with no internet, people would go crazy, some people wouldn’t even survive due to being such social media junkies.

Would you be able to live with no internet? What would you be doind if we had no computers or phones?

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    • I don't think I will leave the Internet for good because Internet is still there, I am always tempted. I used internet for researching a lot of stuff and it is very helpful so why would i leave it. I will use it while it is there and of course, I will feel bad if it is gone for good. I don't think it will happen as everyday, Internet is improving in some countries.

      • Well we never kow what could happen if suddenly a satelite goes down or we lose all our energy there will be no way to get back on the internet and we could be sent back into the dark ages. This is always a possibility.

    • I will live happily even if there is no internet. I use it only for the purpose which it is supposed to be used. I do not want to be a slave for anything by getting addicted to it. Be it television, computers, online games, facebook or any such thing. There are meant for us and not the other way round. Before writing here I was viewing television regularly for many hours and used to take the information for the purpose of using the same while teaching. Now since I am writing I am not seeing any television since past three months. Similarly tomorrow if there was to be no computer of internet for me I would not worry and am happy to live life in a manual mode.

      One more interesting detail I would like to share with you. I was working at a place where I had to be there at seven in the morning and be back in the house at eleven in the evening. I was unable to read the newspaper hence had to read it in the night and viewing television was impossible. So I was thinking what to do and then I decided to remove cable connection and I felt relieved as I could come home read newspaper and magazines and was perfectly happy without television for two years. Later I took the connection again as someone else in my house was there who wanted to view it. Hope you found this information useful.

      • Wow living without television for two years! I don't actually see television but i see my series online and on my computer when i have the chance. I am more a person to play a game or go drink a coffee with friends and hangout.

    • I can survive without the internet, though it might be boring because I could not write on blogsites like this. Never mind social media sites, because we can still have our cellphones and text our friends. We can still get news from television or from the radio as we used in the past.

      People will interact more with each other on a personal basis unlike today where everyone seems to always in a virtual world!

      • That is true. Maybe people will start treating people like, hum, i dont know, people instead of a profile on the internet. People will finally go out and socialize and take pictures for theirselves and memories and not to show off to others.

    • I think I have spent enough time on internet that I can't leave internet anymore. It'd be really bad for me to leave internet from here onwards. I just rely on lot of money from internet for this to happen.

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