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Connecting People Through Media Sites Is Inevitable This Time

We cannot anymore back out to refuse the present scenario of the world, and have the past come back should you want not to adhere to the new era of the technology world. Technology , though others consider a havoc to the young generation, but the good side of it is so numerous and advantageous that evidences are of wide array in different media sites , TV, cellular phones, gadgets of different types and functions for both young and adult.Foremost, internet gives access to all that we have at hand.

Man is born gregarious, so he cannot avoid himself to talk and share what’s on his mind and feeling. Because man wants freedom to explore and venture to any risks as long as there is a chance, that is why, we have some loved ones far from us almost in front of us through chatting in the web. But distance may never be the reason to forget them and play an excuse for having not communicated with any of them, even through a long distance call. That was the past, you used a call center in your locality to direct your call anywhere in the world just to reach your loved ones.

This time your struggle ceases for we have now the explosion of the different media sites where we can connect ourselves to our relatives, siblings and best friends abroad. This makes the postal offices and long distance companies almost turned bankrupt .If not only own by the government, all postal offices might have been on closure due to deficit of profit. Of all the long distance calls offices, only the government owned calling companies owned by government remains. That is a so sad realities but those who shut down their business find other ways by opening other type of business that suits to man’s needs and accessible to the media sites, meaning they are using the media sites doing business on line.

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That is another advantage of technology channeled through Facebook Twitter and other networking sites that progresses and improves lives of people. There are ordinary people whose capital is very small and from that rags life to riches after years of consistent handling of business on line. I have a friend abroad who became a millionaire after two years selling on line. She is so fortunate.

Through media sites, we gain advantage from the different activities we want to share even to the whole world. Life this time relies on technology. It makes work fast. It makes crimes solve in an instance due to cameras installed anywhere. Technology could also help us trace our long forgotten relative or friends. How nice to embrace this new advantage of life with the advancement of our technology and it keeps on enhancing year by year. But then, let us not allow our lives to be ruined by technology. Let us use technology wisely for there are so many victims of scam due to technology especially in a dating sites. Let use this gift of life so wisely.

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    • Indeed technology made each and everyone be addicted to it. Most people now, can't seem to live without internet even fr a day. It has become their bloodline, so much so that they have more time being on internet than conversing with their love ones.
      People should see to it that these social media , online earning site and other things done through te internet shouldn't hinder the quality time each one shoud be having with ter family.

    • Good article. I can see how technology can be a blessing or a curse. We have a great tool that is available to us in many ways but wise use of it is the key. Another side of technology that I wanted to mention is the ability to work from home. Many companies are hiring people to do work at home. I, personally, work from home. It has it's pros and cons. For a person to work at home, discipline is a strong factor because the comforts of home can distract anyone. Yes, Thank God for technology but count the cost in the long run. Thanks for sharing.

    • @Dina, yes true, there are so many addicts of technology through the access of gadgets like netbooks, cellular phones, computers, lap tops, plus those that access us like Twitter, Viber, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Line and more that makes life interesting and promoting for we always feel happy seeing and connecting with our relatives, friends and the supposed friends abroad.There is no boring moment when we are in Facebook. We know what is happening to our loved ones who are working in other countries. Media sites are so useful and helpful others never experience because they still like the backward life and never aspire to learn .

    • @Caleb, Hi? It is a pleasure meeting you here and sharing your valuable time to share your very nice comment. I really appreciate it. Yes, very well said, technology helps many earn some at home through on line work at home.It is also true that our family members are not sometimes felt their presence because we focus on our work on line.Let us only spend some hours for our family is the first priority, Somehow, the need to earn extra is useful to us because there is always something we can turn to in time of need.Though the earning may not be big, but at least, it is considered a hard earned money worth to spend wisely too.

      Thanks for dropping by very much appreciated.

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