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Change Is The Most Constant Things On Earth

Do you believe in the saying that “change is constant and the only permanent on Earth?” Well, I certain everyone believes in change as a continuous and endless thing on the planet because everyone goes through it every day. Everybody is experiencing it in their daily lives.

For just a single individual, there are many changes that might happen to her. From her physical appearance as she grows up, to her beliefs as she added more knowledge about religion and society, to her emotional maturity as she becomes stronger in facing the negative powers or struggles that surround her, and so on.

For a simple community, changes occur very fast. Say for example a community that is very simple and silent becomes populated as years passes by and become an urban. From its uncivilized status to civilized. Like for example in the place where I was born, every time I went there for a visit, I always see some improvements on the road structures and to some houses. Even the people are already depending on the technologies when it comes to farming, which in fact 5 or 6 years ago is not being used. When it comes to choices of clothing, some people especially the young ones in our place follows what is the trend in the city.

For the whole Earth itself, we can visibly see the fast changes of it. Can you see that our surroundings are totally polluted and is becoming worst? Plants are decreasing, which in fact, some of it are considered to be endangered. Even animals in the wild are no more to see. We rarely see sorts of birds flying around. Natural spots are also declining, although there are lots of man-made spots booming around.

When it comes to technology, a new cell phone model is released in the market. New machines that can be used in any job or work are being introduced. Can you see people reading books nowadays? Maybe there are some but most are relying on the internet. In just a single browse, we could find any reading materials on the net. Can you see someone who is hand washing? Oh, I don’t think so because we are relying on the washing machine. Maybe sometimes we do handwashing but once in a blue moon.

The way people deals with others is constantly changing too. For example, when we talk about respect, we can say that it is sometimes no longer observed by people. The way we bond with our friends, sometimes it’s no more face to face because chatting them through social media is just enough. Yes, we could do bonding with them in person but is seldom because we become busier and busier. In business, businessmen are now dealing with customers or clients by just a click on the internet.

There are numbers of changes that we can see around as and we cannot stop them. As it says, it is constant. It is endless. It is forever. But what most people want is a better change so begin changing ourselves for the better and all will follow.

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