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Are you earning from Neobux?

Neobux is a PTC or Paid-to-click website where members earn money by viewing ads. It was established on 2008 and standing tall until now, paying its members.  Neobux is considered by many as the King of PTC(Paid-to-click) websites. For me, I can attest to that, saying that it is indeed the king since it already proven the test of time and I am one of its members who already been paid.

There are lots of Paid-to-click websites on the internet that you can choose to join. Things to consider are they have a different number of available ads that you can view, different amounts, different time period of viewing the ads, and different ways.

There are also Paid-to-click sites where you can rent referrals and Neobux is one of them. I like that feature because in a Paid-to-click sites, getting referrals is really the key to making your earnings bigger. Many people are finding it hard to get direct referrals that’s why they just go on renting referrals. In Neobux, the minimum amount of referrals you can purchase is three and it cost 60 cents. That would be good for 30 days. If the referral you get is not active, you can recycle it for 7 cents. If you want to extend your rent to a referral, you can also do it. Here’s the price amount: 10 cents for 15 days, 19 cents for 30 days, 36 cents for 60 days, 49 cents for 90 days, 75 cents for 150 days, and $1.12 for 240 days. You can actually pay using points that you accumulated from viewing ads.

There are other ways to earn in Neobux. One is doing mini jobs or tasks. There is also a feature called Adprize where you can earn by luck. I don’t recommend it since, in my experience, I seldom won from it and it just a waste of time. I only recommend it for those who have a lot of time to spend and wanted to try their luck. And of course, you can also earn additional income by getting referrals, but they need to be active.

Paid-to-click websites like Neobux is not a get rich quick scheme, in fact, you will just earn a very small amount in it like cents. As average, you can earn 2 to 3 cents per day. Getting a lot of active referrals is really the key to earning a decent amount with PTCs because you will earn commissions from your referrals.

The minimum amount of earnings required for you to get it is $2 for your first cash out. This amount will increase by $1 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10. Your money will be sent on any of these payment processors, PayPal, Payza, Skrill, or NETELLER, depends on your preference.

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What I can say about Neobux is it is a legit and paying Paid-to-click website. If you want to earn a small amount of money on the internet, then you can try it. Paid-to-click websites are I can say one of the easiest ways to earn money online and mostly recommended for newbies.

Thanks for your time reading. Have fun!


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  • bluelion

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    • I used to be on many PTC sites but after a while i found it a huge waste of time. 2-3 cents a day is nothing compared to other things i could be doing in that time that might make me happier or acually getting me some more change.

      BEsides Neobux i think i was on another 2 or 3 sites that were legit but the the earning was so slow that i lost interest in the site.

    • Yes, you are right Sarah. It is really easy to lose your interest in this kind of money earning sites because the earning is really slow. Actually what will motivate you to continue is when you are getting referrals. It's really hard to work alone to reach the minimum cash out amount, but if you have the help of your referrals, the earning is getting better and it can motivate you to continue. Besides, it just requires several minutes of your time.

    • i used to be memeber there but didnt earn dollar in a month so i felt its waste of time and nervous and left the site long time now

    • Me I have trouble trying to get neobux to upload on phone
      or laptop. so I just do click sense and my writing sites
      and yes I do get paid from all them yes they are all low paying
      but it some money coming in.

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