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Television Marathons

Some weeks ago, I wrote an item watching-television-programs-online about watching television online gave a general view, now I’ll be a bit more specific.

When you can watch online, when you can watch as many episodes of a series as you want, the impetus is to do a marathon, that is to watch epi after epi.

Sometimes you get so caught up with a show it is like the characters are part of your family and you go to sleep feeling they are in the other room.

When you reach the last episode, you feel as if you have gone to a funeral.   It’s over.  It’s gone.  There is a true sense of loss.

A program such as Downton Abbey, which is created to have a beginning, middle and end is not as shattering when it completes as watching a show like Burn Notice which seems to race to an abrupt end.

Some shows went off the air years ago, those five seasons are all there is.  Once you reach that last season, the clock is ticking, and soon it will be gone.

Some shows are still broadcasting so when you complete the last season of what is available, there’s another season soon to come.

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To avoid getting too deep into a series or suffering the feeling of loss at the end, the best method is to juggle three different series.

These series should be totally different, i.e., Hawaii 50, The Americans, and Star Gate 1.   Watching one, then another, then the other, or two of this, one of that, two of the other, is a way to diversify.  It breaks the ‘control’ one series alone will have on you.

A show like Merlin can fit into any marathon to break it and help a disconnect.

Episodic shows are excellent breakers because each episode virtually stands on its own.   This does cause some of the online sites to mix up episodes, so that what is labelled season 1 episode 3 is actually episode 4, and you realize that when it completes, and you start what you think is 4 and learn it was 3.

This is not easy to prevent in some cases because the titles of the episodes are often jumbled as well.

Sometimes it suits you to do a search; “Watch (name of show) Online for Free” and take a tour of the various offerings.   There are a lot of sites, some better than others for particular programs.

Don’t lose hope, there is Always another Site.


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    • Watching television online is fine but what about your ISP connection and the amount you have to spend to keep connected?

    • Well, we have a monthly service we pay for... it is not picky with the Gigabytes. I don't dl the movie... I just watch it...

    • I don't usually watch movie online cause its time consuming. Sometimes its irritates me whenever i lost internet connection so what i do is that i download the movie and convert it to mp4 hd after downloading i will store it on my sd card. If im not busy and have time i even watch the movie i downloaded on my phone with any interruption thinking i would lost internet connection again. For me thats more convenient way to enjoy a movie marathon. You can also used your sd card and plug it on a flat screen tv with some snack and popcorn to carry on and eat as you were viewing and watching your desired movie genre.

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