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Appreciate the Work of Service Crews, Common Employees, Laborers

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Now that I came to know that most service crews, and other employees receive very low salaries, I appreciate them and their efforts just to earn a living.

It was so different from the situation in the past when I do not pay attention to them, or blame them for little mistakes they do. It is best to understand that they are humans too, and you are more fortunate not to be in their shoes, not to experience what they are experiencing in their desire to earn money for their families.

Peddling Wares in the Streets

The situation of people selling wares on the streets is more difficult than do the service crews in restaurants, or groceries, etc. The peddlers have to walk under the hot sun to sell items like fans, toys, food, bottled water, or candies to commuters or other people on the streets.

Some peddlers are exerting more efforts like those carrying a big wooden bench/chair or wooded bed for sale. It is so heavy, they have to carry it from one street to another. I do not know if they were able to sell any of those items.

Vendors Cooking Along the Streets

There are vendors who carry portable stoves to sell boiled peanuts, eggs, or corn on the cob. They are using a small cart which they push where there are many people waiting to ride public transportation like buses or jeepneys. Some are waiting for taxi rides.

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The vendors using carts are usually chased by the authorities for blocking traffic flow. So they always have to be alert to avoid being arrested ot their carts/wares confiscated.

Wash Your Car/Wipe Your Windshield Boys

Some people who are so poor are so enterprising in creating ways to earn a little money. Some of them would carry a pail, soap or sponge and offer the driver to wash or clean the vehicle for a fee; or just to wipe the windshield while the vehicle is stuck in traffic.

Some of them also offers to watch the driver’s car or vehicle while it is parked in a public parking area where there are no security guards. They get some coins for doing it.

These are the lowly jobs that poor people do, or those who are unemployed in a formal job, just to make the ends meet; to feed themselves or help augment the family’s income.

We should understand them, understand their situation and be kind to them. Always think that you are luckier than them in so many ways. And the best part of it: they earn a little money through honest means, by exerting effort instead of stealing or other illegal means to have money.

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    • Work is worship and worship is God. So anyone who puts effort to earn a living and takes what is due to him or her after a hard days work is to be respected. More so people like those who are just a small part of a very large work force in many countries. I find it sad that their lives or work seldom gets respected. Which is not correct. I do not know what the individuals who possess wealth tend to think so. They act as if they have landed from mars and others who work are all good for nothing.

      This concept called the dignity of labour has to be respected in all countries. Children have to be taught the same too as I find them putting down these workers or speaking about them in a degrading way. This attitude has to be changed during the childhood itself or it would be a problem for them and others whom they would be working with. They learn this from the elders and the elders should be behaving responsibly in the first place.

      • Very well said, Krishna Kumar. You are right, we have to respect them who labour so much to earn a little money and they do the lives of the moneyed ones easier too by offering their services.

        They should be regarded as very important people too because without them, nobody will do the hard work, the manual labor which the rich abhor.

    • I am one of those people who really have a soft heart for these workers especially the old women peddling vegetables on the side of the walkway of the market.

      I can see my sisters and mother in them. That's why too I don't haggle with their prices anymore. I take it as it is. It's my help for them at least.

      Even those service crews, I see to it that I talk kindly to them. When I want something, i really say please then thank you.

      At least that way, they will feel dignity in working.

      Some of the service crews are working students. They work while they study. It's heartwarming that they finance themselves through college by being service crew of restaurants.

      So, everytime we go to restaurants or fastfood chains we should also say please, thank you and smile at them.

    • Dignity for labor is a good concept. But, it does not mean that the children are targeted for it. The children are supposed to enjoy their childhood and the grown ups are suppose to earn for his family if it warrants so. Their primary concern should be for education only. But, this situation is not prevailing anywhere means there is something wrong went wrong with the policy makers and Administrators and this is continuing without any interruption. We all show sympathy but when it comes to practice we stand somewhere in the corner and watch the situation. Of course, this is changing slowly as there are many N.G.Os which are taking up such situations seriously and working to improve the situation. Even in India also, this is picking up pace. This is enough if we support them of course, with a little bit of caution which should always be there as showing sympathy nowadays has become a SIN.

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