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Another Sad Day For An Environmentalist

This is another sad day for us, environmentalists and people who just care for the poor and the environment.

It is sad because a leader who gives us some ray of hope with regards to protecting our natural resources and its people, was rejected to lead by some lawmakers in or country.

She was appointed by the country’s President, because of her record of caring for the environment through a non-government organization composed of individuals who like her, aimed to preserve our natural resources.

Her paramount aim, as she said during the deliberations, is to help marginalized people, and for them to benefit first for the available resources. She only wanted people to benefit for what mother earth has to offer; instead of only a few who gain so much from mining, etc.

She had presented to the lawmakers the massive destruction of our natural resources, like the abandoned open-pit mines. Some of it, as shown in her documentary, had mine tailings left on those big and deep ponds. The tailings flow to the tributary rivers, and thus killed those rivers too!

Some people did not know that in one way or another, we are all affected by such improper mining activities. They do not know that the tailings that contain toxic chemicals like mercury can flow into the sea and affect the fish there. Once the fish got contaminated with mercury, people who will consume that fish will also be affected.

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She had presented a video of people who were affected by mine tailings; she even presented them in person, but we do not know why those lawmakers rejected her appointment into office.

I do not know the person I am mentioning here personally, but I knew her so many years ago for her works to save the rivers, plant trees, etc. to help protect the environment.

May she continue her advocacy for the environment even though she was not given a chance to do it through a public office.

We know she has the heart for the environment, and for the poor and indigenous people in our country.

Am so sad. I could do nothing but write that sadness here.

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    • I was also sad and so angry when I arrived home and saw the news that she was not chosen for the position.

      I was really so positive that she will be declared, yet that happened. I wonder why she was not voted.

      My guess, is that some representatives who have businesses that rely on those really lobbied that she will not be chosen. That's because once she will be chosen, it will be the death of their businesses that relates to her work.

      I hope she still will continue her advocacy in helping our country have a clean and safe environment.

      I wonder, if the replacement is also a true environmentalist? I just pray he is too.

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