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7 unobvious gadgets that can be useful for new parents

There are a lot of things that parents have to buy before their baby come in to the World: crib, changing table, stroller, infant car seat, skin care products, clothes, toys… All of this baby products are necessary and helpful. However, there are also few other things that can be very useful, but new parents usually don’t think about them.

For someone who don’t have a child yet, these unobvious gadgets may seem unnecessary and unhandy, but in reality they can be a lifesavers for new parents, struggling with new responsibilities.

Here’s a list of 7 gadgets that will help parents with their infant and toddler.

Kettle with temperature control

This product may be really useful for preparing baby formula. With this item you won’t need to check or try if the water temperature is fine (and not too hot for the baby), you will be able to set the proper temperature on the control panel. The best products in this type usually offer 6 different temperature settings. There are also kettles with built-in thermometers so you could heat the water to any temperature you want.

Portable changing pad

This thing may be a lifesaver not only for parent who travel a lot, but also for those who are often out and about with their baby. Portable changing pad is made of waterproof fabric and has few storage pockets where we can put few diapers, diaper rash cream and a bag for used diapers. The whole pad can be rolled up into a small package – which is light and compact. The best part of portable changing pads is the price – they usually cost less than $20.

Diaper can

Parents have different opinions on this product. Some of them consider it as very useful, while others think it is an unnecessary expense. However, this item can be very useful. Sometimes parents have to change a diaper even 10 or 15 a day! If you throw used diapers in the trash can with other rubbish, the basket will quickly become full and you will need to take out the garbage even 2 times a day. Besides, used diapers in the trash can don’t smell very bad… Thanks to a diaper can this smell is kept shielded inside, rubbish are segregated and you can save time. Moreover, this solution is also more hygienic. This gadget can make parents life easier.

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Electric Breast Pump

Electric breast pump is a lifesaver for new moms and it is so much better than manual one. This item can be very useful for women who have first child and don’t have any experience in breast feeding. It can be also excellent gift for baby shower!

Baby swing

Babies love cuddling, rocking and swinging. It’s a great way to comfort and sooth them. Rocking baby in arms can be pretty tiring for parents, that’s why electric baby swings are so great. Parents can use baby swing to put baby to sleep, to sooth colic and fussy infant, comfort teething baby or just use it as a safe and comfortable space for playtime.


Some parent use if during winter when the heating is working, other parents use it all year round. It’s very useful because thanks to it baby doesn’t wake up hot, sweaty and thirsty few times at night. It’s a MUST HAVE to provide baby with peaceful sleep.

Bath tub with stand

Many new parents at the beginning put the bath tub on the floor and during bathing the baby they have to bend and lift a lot. It’s completely unnecessary. Bath tub stand is a brilliant gadget! With this thing parent can bathe their baby in a comfortable position. This item is very useful, especially for moms who had C-section and can’t bend and lift right after the birth.

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