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How To Get More Views On Your WordPress Blog


Today, I want to talk about how to get more views on your word press blog. Blogging has become more popular than ever. An increasing number of today’s network marketers have at least one blog. In a way, it seems as if blogging has become a sport. The more active you are, the better you become. As bloggers, one of our goals is to get more views on our posts. The more views we get, the more popular our blogs become. Although I consider myself a student at blogging, there are simple ways to get more eyeballs on your work. The information provided will assist in getting the views you seek for your blog.

A good title: 

The first way to get more blog views is to start with a good title. Titles are very important because they are the first thing people see. Headlines dictate whether or not your reader will proceed further into your article. Your title needs to be eye catching and possibly tell a story in itself. 

Original content:

We all know the ole’ saying that content is king. Original content builds kingdoms. Network marketing success blogs require good quality content. Even if your content is not a completely original idea, it should be written with originality. You should include articles that offer encouragement and education. These kind of articles seem to resonate well with readers. Entrepreneurs are consistently looking for ways to improve themselves and their business. Good content that provides ideas and solutions work best. 

Blog syndication:

After you write your blog post, you want to get it syndicated through a social platform. Tribe pro is an excellent place to get eyeballs on your blog. There are a variety of MLM tribes that will syndicate your content so long as it provides value. Many six and seven figure earners have tribes of influence. Submit your RSS feed and integrate videos as well. You can add several links and even create your own MLM tribe.

Social media:

This one is a no-brainer, so I won’t spend much time on it. Hundreds of millions of people are on social media. So it only makes sense to leverage the platform to connect with visitors. You want to post on social sites such as Face Book and twitter. The key with Face book though, is not just posting on your timeline. You want to post in groups that focus on blogging so you can attract more targeted visitors to your word press blog.

Guest blogging and commenting:

I haven’t guest blogged yet, but I will. I have been asked a few times to do some guest blogging and an interview! I learned that guest blogging on sites that attract thousands of visitors is a great way to get more traffic to your site. In addition, liking and giving positive feedback on other bloggers sites, which I have done, is a good way to gain exposure.

In conclusion, the information presented above are great ways on how to get more views on your word press blog. If you would like to post on purpose and profit at the same time(who wouldn’t) my mentor is offering some free training that will assist you to make money even if you don’t have a website.

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Why I use WordPress You Should Too for Your Blog

WordPress is one of the popular blogging software online. Almost 70% of the web has the WordPress installed. As you can see with given time, this can be a good option for many business to setup the business. You can see that WordPress has plenty of features and the options that can help with the bloggers and the business people. It is also opening new business and the services for designers and developers. This way you can see that WordPress has it’s own ecosystem and given enough time, we can say that it can change the way many websites are being used. So in this article I want to show you why I am using WordPress what are it’s benefits and what are some of the thing that can be done by it to make money or even for the blogging.

Free and Open Source

The best part about the WordPress is that it is free and open source. You can modify and extend it. And you can do whatever you want with it. This way you don’t have to worry about license that most of the people worry with other software like Microsoft. You can see that most of such business surely have it easier when the base foundation is open source. Many people can then extend the solution the way they want. So you should consider learning this as even the learning resources as well released for free. So that gives you enough option to extend and use the way you want.


I used to manage an online store and I have hosted a lot of stored and shops. You can see that there are many developer who are working on the e-commerce. You may find that for this functionality you may need to use the woocommerce store. You may have to use the payment processors which can be used for the payment and also for the shipping. You can then extend the functionality whereever you want. It may not make it easier for you. But with given time, you can easily manage it. I have tried to use it and in some cases it does work out. So you have to pay attention to that part in the process.


The best part about the community is that it is helpful. Some of the issues with WordPress does make you feel odd about how things are going the wrong way. But eventually works out. And people can adjust with each other. And there are times when things do pan out in the process. Community work makes entirely possible to test the software. So there are many small things to learn in the process. I have found that there are people who work hard all the time with the wordpress. And all of this is completely free. So you can say freee software is doing evolution in a collective way.

So as you can see using this software definitly helps a lot. You should consider using it whenever possible.

Image by WordPress

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Learning on Khan Academy Course Website
February 20, 2017

I was looking for some of the Android apps that are into teaching others. And the khan academy is ne such app that can be good for the learning. Though most of the learning tracks on the app are specific to the age group. So for adults, it could be something other higher courses that may make sense. There was one course on the animation and the drawing. I have found the animation course really good for those who are into art. I have not much completed that course but found it useful as far as the initial level of learning is concerned. I am sure many people are there who may like it.

Another special area where you are going to like khan academy is test preparation. For students who are working harder on learning SAT, GMAT and other exams. I am sure you may find that those are the people who may find the course much better. I think there are some good explanation on how to approach test. And these small things do add up. It would be interesting to see how this academy has potential to help a lot of people. I am also checking out their arts section. And they are giving some visual tour of some of the places. And that seems like a good curiculum to add into.

The best part about the courses in this site, that all are free. Also there are some of the accolades and the stuff that keeps you motivated. I am sure you know some of the good courses that you can approach on Khan academy if you are interesting short byte courses. Personally I think everyone should take the economjics and finance class. It is one of the best classes. And they update the content on regular basis. It would be interesting to try that option. The reason being we all have to learn economics and math related to that. And that helps us in our career and also in other parts of life.

The site is worth checking out. I’d suggest you to check it if you are curious about the tests and stuff.

Images by Pixabay.

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