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Learning on Khan Academy Course Website
February 20, 2017

I was looking for some of the Android apps that are into teaching others. And the khan academy is ne such app that can be good for the learning. Though most of the learning tracks on the app are specific to the age group. So for adults, it could be something other higher courses that may make sense. There was one course on the animation and the drawing. I have found the animation course really good for those who are into art. I have not much completed that course but found it useful as far as the initial level of learning is concerned. I am sure many people are there who may like it.

Another special area where you are going to like khan academy is test preparation. For students who are working harder on learning SAT, GMAT and other exams. I am sure you may find that those are the people who may find the course much better. I think there are some good explanation on how to approach test. And these small things do add up. It would be interesting to see how this academy has potential to help a lot of people. I am also checking out their arts section. And they are giving some visual tour of some of the places. And that seems like a good curiculum to add into.

The best part about the courses in this site, that all are free. Also there are some of the accolades and the stuff that keeps you motivated. I am sure you know some of the good courses that you can approach on Khan academy if you are interesting short byte courses. Personally I think everyone should take the economjics and finance class. It is one of the best classes. And they update the content on regular basis. It would be interesting to try that option. The reason being we all have to learn economics and math related to that. And that helps us in our career and also in other parts of life.

The site is worth checking out. I’d suggest you to check it if you are curious about the tests and stuff.

Images by Pixabay.

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    1. Will one be given a certificate from learning all this courses from an app. Am asking because now one will employ you into their bank to become a financial analyst because you had knowledge in that from an app. Once you can make any meaning income out of that it will be a waste of time and resources gaining knowledge no one will be interested in. This is like becoming a professor with no portifolio.

      • Khan academy is not course based site. This is learning site. So the learning is not going to be in depth. So not certificates. Think of it like explainer videos type site. If you want certificates then you have to try udacity.


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