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Internet: Is it the added brain?
April 22, 2017

There is no doubt about the fact that Internet has changed our world. Internet is comparatively new for our part of the world so people from developed countries especially the ones taking advantage of this knowledge source form a decade or so before than us would know what I mean. I fully understand if the scientists say that internet has taken human forward at a greater speed in the development journey.

The scientists working on study projects as how the internet has helped human to learn faster look as far back as Ape Species’ age supposed to be 2.5 million years before the origin of human and the process of modern humanization that started two hundred thousand years before. That is now history and we know the process of development of brain and how human came to the present stage of development.

According to scientists the difference between human and other animals lies in the size of brain which is main factor that separates human from other animals. The size of human’s brain especially the front side stands human apart from all other species. Actually scientists are trying to prove that internet has become an additional part of human brain. When I read this theory the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘external hard disc’.

But to be very frank when I think about internet I really feel so amazed and also that if by any chance internet was to disappear suddenly half of my knowledge would be gone. Our lives have become so dependent on internet that it’s hard to think that we can do anything without internet.

n my own views we do not only use the information available on the internet but the combined mind power of everyone associated with it in any form. Our information source which was limited to books and people in our circle has now extended to millions of people and information available on every topic.

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The Joy is right within us but you have to find it
March 26, 2017

I have been thinking about it for a long time but never got a proper answer for my query. Here is a simple question ‘just what you do for having happiness?’

It sounds a simple question but for me it has always been a tricky one as I could never get a satisfactory answer for this question.

Let’s look at it from a different angle, you can’t find happiness in a market which you can go and buy from a shop. If you ask me the same question I think I have a ready answer for that. The happiness is right within us but we are not aware of it or do not know how to find it.

I am not sure if you have ever heard about Kabir Das, one of the greatest mystical poets of India. He was acknowledged as a saint despite having criticized religions but he has given a vast collection of couplets of wisdom to literature.

In one of his couplets he said that like the musk deer does not know about the source of smell and follows it everywhere in the forests we the human are the same. We are looking for joy which is right inside us. The need lies in the fact how to find it.

Actually, we are so used to see negative things that we overlook the positivity spread all around us. We feel happy seeing our neighbors in trouble. Honestly, how would you describe a person who says he always tries to be happy but he reacts sadly when he finds that his neighbor’s son has scored better than his own son?

How do you react when you hear the news that your colleague has been promoted? I am sure you will tell me all good things in response of my simplest of all such queries but the fact is that a person is never satisfied with what he is already having but looking for more. Finally the joy is within us the need is to find its source and enjoy it.

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