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God is evident in our everyday lives
February 21, 2018

Faith is a way of seeing things. When we choose faith, to believe, we are also choosing to denounce evil and sinful ways. To have faith and embrace faith, we have to believe in love and also to practice love, for love is the binding of our faith. To make a permanent commitment in love, in particular, is to grow up in a very important way. When we are grounded in faith, we are strong and have inner peace. When we do not reach inner stillness we are forever restless.

Living a life a faith means living a life of blessing. Being faithful means giving and receiving blessings. “To be blessed is to be oneself a blessing,” says Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Being faithful and living in faith also means to be joyful. If not, when joy breaks down, eventually everything breaks down. When we bless someone we speak well of him or of her. If we are unblessed we suffer very deeply. Blessings deconstricts the heart and blessing begets blessing.

To live a life without faith is to live in loneliness. We may have human contact but our inner selves and beings still yearns for more. There are five basic kinds of human loneliness. They are alienation, restlessness, rootlessness, psychological depression and moral loneliness. Our deepest aloness is moral. When we listen to our own loneliness we connect with ourselves. Our hearts, minds, and bodies are restless until they rest in God. It is important that we surround ourselves with people who will not drain our inner spirits. We should not travel with people who expects us to be exciting all the time.

Living in faith helps us to identify situations which can affect and break our lives. One popular aspect of our lives that needs to be policed is our sexual life. Sex if not done under the right circumstances does more harm than good to our lives. There are three kinds of sex, each with three effects. Abusive sex destroys our soul. Casual sex trivializes our soul, and sacramental sex, the one we should participate in, builds up the soul.

Nothing that is truly great is achieved easily, and that goes for faith as well. To have great faith take dedication and perseverance, and so does love. Great love, like great art, takes great effort, sustained commitment, and lots of time.

“Our doing brings success, but our being bears fruit,” says the great Henri Nouwen.

Life is nature and nature is life. They are there to inspire us for us to use our imagination. A healthy imagination is the opposite of resignation, abdication, naive optimism, or despair.

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When sex becomes a task for married women


To all beautiful mothers out there who have lost the wow factor in their marriages. I speak from my own experience. I was never the promiscuous type, but I sure did like to be around my boyfriend and have it all done. Sex was never like a task to me, it just came naturally. Fast forward to my years of being a mother, it all changed. It didn’t change drastically, but  it became worse over the years. I married at the age of 28, presently I am 41 with two kids, but I tell you sex is more like a task to me.

I have searched for ways to improve my sex life, but all to no avail. I have tried sex enhancers like libido max, our traditional Kayan Mata mostly used by northern women, maca etc, but all have failed me. I am not ashamed to talk to people about it, not even my male pharmacist. I have spoken to friends who feel the same way, while for some its the opposite. They constantly crave for it, for them it’s even better after age 40. I’m stunned for words, because I’m completely dead.

My husband is whom I pity the most, because he is the most active man I have come across, but I’m happy he still got my back. He does not have prying eyes, so I’m safe. I understand the effects of good sex in a marriage and I feel so alive when I get it. I try so hard to satisfy my husband, but its not working as I want it to.

I need help and solutions to restore my sex life back. If there’s anyone out there with useful information, please holla me, I’m all ears. I have heard people say am stressed, they may be right, cause I have no help, but women with loads of stress still take time out to initiate and have good sex.  I know I ‘m the one with the problem, because I heard the story of a woman complaining to her pastor about her husband’s constant demand for sex, she said her husband must be possessed. The pastor turned back to her and said, even he the pastor is possessed, because a man needs sex all the time.

Thanks for listening.

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When Netizens Don’t Know if You are a Boy or a Girl
March 13, 2017

I have sixteen new emails.   These are from females all over the world.   I also have cut rate Viagra offers.   These, mixed in with advisories I’ve won various contests held by Walmarts and other American companies, I can delete them all in a second.

This is because, somehow, brilliantly, when I opened this particular email account I used a name that could be male, could be female and I boldly lied about living in New York City.

As you know, I live in Jamaica.  And I’m female.

By this simple ‘trick’  I put myself in a position where trying to scam me is virtually impossible.

In most cases, if they can’t tell by your name if you are male or female, they opt for male.  And if you pretend to live in America, well… you’ll get such obvious scam emails that you will never fall for them.

On various sites, I learned, years ago, that being a white male American got you credance, not be white, or male, or American, often got 2nd or 3rd class treatment.


As I mentioned in another item …  we did an experiment.  Each of us created a dual, a white male American. So we’d be on a message board as ourselves, then be on as our dual, and our dual got the respect we didn’t, although we did dumb him down.

There are no scammers who are wasting any time trying to scam Jamaicans.   So when someone tries the trick with me,  I don’t need to answer, unless I’m in a particularly evil mood, then I’ll use my ‘foreign language’.

If you can hide your sex on particular sites, you protect yourself from all sorts of unnecessary trolling.   And if your are female, and they think you are male, well, the kind of scams they try to run… are … sex specific.

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