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Reality is Where I Would Rather be

There’s the thoughts but there’s the reality some are way too focused within fantasy. The realities are what realities are. Thinking positively and remaining whole by actions and thoughts. To keep my mind focus on what some have probably viewed as fictional. My story is filled with truths. My cousins were gunned down, my great grandmother is deceased, my conditions are so. “Whatever to be perceived some have misjudged my path and what I’ve tried to express.” (Tanikka Paulk).

The reality is “movements.” There’s so much to accomplish and there are goals to meet. What they’ve perceived seems twisted. So many aren’t able to comprehend what’s “truly” occurring. No matter what the words describe there’s the dysfunctional line of thinking. At least some should consider trying to listen and trying to understand. The purpose was written and no matter how my moves are viewed my reality is still within me! Some seem to think that stories are fictional. No. All stories aren’t.

What’s said isn’t always what is. One think for sure “it is so.” So many believe whatever they hear or read. That’s why there’s research and investigative measures. The truth will present but the alertness should be. There could be a lot of why’s. All won’t know right now some won’t be able to understand what’s occurring. The factual is what some aren’t willing to accept. Truths are presented and what is to be said could either be accepted or not.

Perhaps the reason why some are unwilling to accept is because they would rather partake in fantasies. Reality has to have its place. “The many words spoken have the truth within there has to be the listeners and the audience.” By: Tanikka Paulk. “My journey isn’t easy at all so many adversities to even name. Too many to count.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Although some continue to project the altered words my purpose is to continue to move further to accomplish greater.

Where am I headed? Somewhere although it may appear as if the movements are slow but there’s still progress. To think of thinking what some haven’t though to think. My name is apart of the realities. So many disrupt by wanting to hold on to the fantasy but I’m more in tuned with the reality. The need to and the desire to get to where I should be. From here to a different place. “Newness!” Continued with my beliefs and my thoughts protected by thee.


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The Dryness of the Eyes
June 16, 2018

Severe dry eyes are a condition which is called Sjorgen’s an autoimmune condition which causes dry eyes, soreness, burning sensation within the eyes. Dry mouth, difficulty swallowing and joint pain. There are special eye drops which can be prescribed by a doctor and there’s over the counter drops as well. When my eyes are severely dry there will be lost of rest occurring. Less time spent online because there “could be” more burning of the eyes when having to look at the screen. Oh yes there’s the itching sometimes my eyes are so itchy that I’m scratching my eyes harshly.

The redness will occur and I’ve discovered just a few minuets in the sun will help also being in a circulated room or building helps with the irritation. My eyes seem “to experience” painful episodes. Placing the eyes drops in my eyes help to relieve the irritation and scratching of the eyes. There are some having to deal with severe dry eyes and they may be unaware how to manage the pain and dryness. Obtaining rest is necessary, there are many symptoms along with the condition. Just looking at certain objects could cause some irritation that’s why it’s important to rest the eyes.

My diagnoses was discovered by a Doctor named Dr. Jeffrey Ritter. The discovery helped I too did tell Dr. Ritter that I believed I had Sjorgen’s but he’s the doctor so therefore the diagnoses was confirmed.  Dealing with Sjorgen’s is a pain in the rear. There seems to be the though of just wanting to lay down in bed and keep the lights off. There has to be more research pertaining to autoimmune conditions there are a lot of doctors unaware of the symptoms related to most autoimmune conditions. “Dryness of the eyes can make a person irritable and the pain can be difficult to manage sometimes.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are a lot of People without any understanding of how patients are affected by autoimmune conditions. It’s difficult to know how a person is feeling unless individuals are having the same symptoms. I’ve been dealing with autoimmune conditions for many years now. I’m learning the best ways to try and manage  Sjorgen’s. Yes, the dryness seems to be so severe, and there are times when I may want to  stay closed up. The inflammation is when the pain is extreme.

There are home “remedies” which help. Apple cider vinegar seems to help lower the inflammation within the eyes and the joints. There are many uses for apple cider vinegar. I’ve also discovered that pepper helps to alleviate the pain. There’s also the swelling of the eyes. A cool compress seems to help relieve the pain related to the swelling. There are many doctors continuing to do research related to autoimmune conditions. Although there’s the pain and irritation I’m still grateful to be able to see even when there is less vision.

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