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Why do They Want me=Tanikka Paulk to Become Another Person?

There are so many thinking oddly they’re in depth with trying to make me=Tanikka Paulk become another person. Identities are important and it seems as though some are willing to deal an identity. There are many ways to identify a person. I Tanikka Paulk have no interest “becoming” another person however my interest is in renewing the mind. To become aware of what’s occurring here and elsewhere. The challenges to keep my identity safe is unbelievable. There should be caution when dealing with certain individuals pertaining to the identity of one. What are they wanting from me=Tanikka Paulk?

There is a battle to keep my name, my identity, my character. “Every person must face the adversities and there’s ability to secure what is rightfully mine.” (Tanikka Paulk). My identity has been compromised. They’ve tried to make me=Tanikka Paulk become another and I’m unwilling  to allow such things to occur. Every person should fight to keep their identity. There’s a mission here. There’s the continuous progress to create the many changes which should occur. No matter how hard the persons try to cause insecurities there will be some willing to take the necessary stances.

Some are disagreeing about my position and that’s alright. All won’t agree but no matter how many disagree there will be continued actions towards making the changes. “Identities should be held highly every person should work towards keeping their identity safe.” BY: Tanikka Paulk. The movements continue there are many crimes committed and there has to be consequences. Identity theft occurs often and yes trying to recover could take long. There are responsibilities and the law must act and the citizens should be proactive. Standing up is what I’m going to do.

What I’m facing so many have faced. Most identities are stolen by persons the victim knows. There are some appearing to be brainless because of their actions. Law enforcement may appear to be focused elsewhere but Law enforcement is hired to solve crimes and enforce laws. “Enforcement is necessary but how many believe in the laws of the land?” (Tanikka Paulk). There are some committing crimes and thinking that there are no laws. Citizens should be aware of what’s occurring. Identity theft could land the individuals in prison.

Imagine being a victim and also being harassed while the criminals continue on their spree to commit other crimes. They’ve committed the crimes “in front of” every law enforcement agency and what will happen later? There should be some tough consequences. Perhaps some aren’t prepared to face. Crimes could cost a country lots of revenue. There’s has to be thinking involved when dealing with the individuals. Perhaps they’re not concerned about their freedom or they’re desperate. Advocating is necessary and it’s time to advocate to stop the individuals.

“Think About What’s Occurring and see What the Changes are and Should be.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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There are Many Decisions Involved

There’s lots to decide and when searching for the most effective decisions there will be some in disagreement. Even when there are many without understanding there has to be decisions made. If situations are left unattended then there could be more problems to deal with which could lead to stressful situations. Some of what occurs could avoided but due to “the actions” there’s troubles. Yes, every person will have to deal with all sorts of matters but there are situations occurring in which some are just causing due to their line of thinking. “There must be continued progress towards creating a more stabilized world.” (Tanikka Paulk)

No matter what’s decided it’s best to stick to the decisions and refuse to be concerned about the ones disagreeing about what’s decided. There’s the ability to be stern when need be. If any person is in a leadership position then they’ll have to learn how to be firm. Although there are many unwilling to accept the decisions made by individuals in higher positions there are some who will have learn “to adjust.” There are laws and some just have to be enforced. A country could crumble if too many are allowed to commit acts which could cause disorder.

What’s considered doesn’t need to be revealed once individuals are aware of the motions they’ll try to cause havoc. It’s better to just proceed and allow what needs to occur to occur. There are disciplines and yes there will be some unwilling to accept what’s called sentencing. “God can decide to offer His discipline but mankind has the authority to offer the punishments in which mankind is selected to project.” (Tanikka Paulk). Imagine a crowd displaying disorderly behavior. How will the crowd calm down? There has to be some decisions made to lower the law breaking risks.

There has to be decisions to be effective leaders. To lead in a way that helps build a stronger society. Some will want to be saved because they’ve caused chaos but there will have to be some consequences. When to decide when to administer the consequences which are needed to create order of a “country or countries?” The sooner the more effective the actions will become. Some leaders will be misunderstood and some will be embraced. There will have to be difficult decisions. The time is now.

I’ve been placed in some sticky situations. There could be many risks involved when dealing with certain groups of People. Some aren’t considering that their actions could cause others to be in the same situation they’re in. There has to be focus on the areas in which will help society become whole. What’s offered could be taken advantage of but the “decisions” absolutely have to occur. “To understand can help lower law breaking and help with growing the economy.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“My Decision Making Shall not be Controlled.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Don’t Have to Look far at all
October 10, 2017

\There’s shows which display some of the most ridiculous criminals. Some aren’t smart at all. It’s amazing how many will commit crimes right in front of law enforcement and “amazing how many are apart of breeches.” “Breaches are a Violation of the Law but so Many Aren’t Even Concerned or too Empty Headed to Think They’ll be Caught.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). I’m continuously being harassed and bullied but although these things are occurring, there is no way that I’m going to give in to the crooks, and any person who’s treating me=(Tanikka Paulk) and others unfairly. I’m advocate/activist and will continue to stand firm.

The attacks aren’t a reason to stop being in pursuit of more achievements. The persons aren’t just committing crimes but are being violating in every way. There’s so much proof that such things are occurring and soon enough the persons involved will receive what their due. Some of the most dumbest criminals ever. Not only violating rights and laws but are at least trying to run havoc “in my devices” and my devices mean (Tanikka Paulk) devices. Hopefully the criminals will receive their sentencing which is deserved. The crooks have no right to violate any persons rights and to alter information. There are some who just didn’t think at all before acting. For some they’ve already received prison time and they’re still on the path of criminal activity.

There is no way that I’m going to continue to allow such injustices to occur. The harassment won’t make me=(Tanikka Paulk) give in to any of the individuals. There’s “politicians” who have claimed executive order but executive orders do not involve an entire country. The entire United States appear to be in my devices and other countries are observing just how much stupidity the United States has. They’re certainly going to reap because they’ve come up against what God has declared “Anointed.” I Tanikka Paulk have been called on a spiritual level and have been chosen for “Leadership.”

As I’m writing, I’m well aware that they’re watching, and each day they’re wasting time attacking and trying to discredit. It’s so sad that so many are so deceptive. The ones who were perceived to be up standing individuals aren’t anymore. There’s some who some may not “have considered” to such idiots but have proven to be so. What has occurred hasn’t gone unnoticed. Other countries have stated how corrupt the Untied States is. The persons have done themselves an injustice because they’re going to receive their sentencing whether in prison or the type which God the Creator of Mankind dishes out.

It’s not easy being attacked by so many but I’m prepared because I continue to keep on “The Full Armor of God.” No matter how destructive the individuals are God forgives but mankind may take longer to forgive. It’s quite difficult to offer forgiveness when the persons keep projecting the same behavior again and again. How can persons who violate rights, commit identity theft, and cause breeches point any fingers? How? They’re criminals and they’re not welcomed in my devices.

For some they’ve simply have ruined their careers because they’ve chosen to not only come after “The Chosen One” but to commit all sorts of crimes right in front of “law enforcement agencies.: I’ve never even heard of such things occurring before but am aware that there’s a person who received harassment and bullying attacks because of their blessings. Some aren’t just cruel but they’re also mindless. Despite what occurs I’m still going to “Love.”

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