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Can you help an Addict?
October 22, 2017

I live in a small rural town in Florida where it seems Crystal Meth has become an epidemic of sorts. So many people here are addicted and I know many who say they would take help if they can get it. Some think that if you haven’t ever been addicted there is no way you can even help if you wanted to. I think that it is all in the person. I believe if someone truly wants to quit doing anything they are addicted to meth or otherwise , that it is completely their choice. That being said, I also believe there are people who can do it alone and others who need the help and support of others. I know that there are a few things that many people addicted can do that will help them along their way whether they choose to ask for help or not. First, distance themselves from those who would encourage them to give in to their addiction. Whether it be meth, pills, or shopping, if someone they call  friend encourages them to do something they know they do not want to do, then they are not their friend. Also, they need make it clear to everyone they know that they are trying to quit their addiction and not to temp them. If people they thought the world of stop coming around, they will know exactly where they stand with that person. They to are addicted and haven’t come to the point where stopping is a priority. Next, they should find someone they can turn to. Anyone. Find someone they can trust an that will be their support during the times in which they feel they can’t take anymore. They should let this person know that they are serious about quitting and that they need them to help. Just someone one who will answer the phone when a desperate call is made and all they need or want is someone to talk to. And everyone involved in the addicts recovery should know that it will not be an easy road and that there may be slip ups and some back sliding, but the important thing is to help pick that person back up and tell them they can do it and that someone believes in them. I believe that if someone who truly wants to quit whatever, if they try these very simple, but also at times very difficult, pointers they can and will succeed. As someone who as seen so many people I love and care for go down this very hard road, I truly hope this helps someone. What do you think? Do you have any stories or pointers that may help someone one on the road to recovery?

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The Mind of an Addict

When people think about people who have an addiction to drugs and alcohol, people think of them as weak or that they don’t care. As things continue to progress for them they lose sight of themselves. In the beginning they take that first sip or hit because they are not happy in the reality that they live in. Seeing that things are not where they want it to be and they don’t know how to change it. When that first high or buzz kicks in they start to feel released from the hell that they feel trapped in. Then as they progress in to the addiction they notice that the reality that they were in changes in to something completely different. The original issues start to have seemed small. The problems are no longer disappearing and things that wouldn’t normally bother them, are bigger than life. The only thing left that is faithful in that drug or bottle. The way things progress for them is slow or fast but they don’t see it, only the people on the outside watching them notice the difference. The phrase “Just quit” or “It’s all a choice” are what the loved ones of addicts tend to say, but they don’t realize that for the addict, just stopping isn’t as easy as it sounds. One thing that addicts do not know is how to deal with issues or how to resolve problems that arise without being high or drunk. Emotions for them are difficult to handle. The only emotions that they feel comfortable in is sadness or anger. When they start to come around the thought of getting help its very important for them to have as much support as they can get. Even though their friends and family have been there all along they have felt alone. Through this process they start to learn things about themselves and how to be themselves without that vice. The smallest issue can throw them back in to their problem without hesitation, so for them to know that they have someone to turn to when things go wrong that won’t judge them or minimize the situation, and that their feelings are okay to feel. The process for them to be okay clean is a long and bumpy process so patients is necessary. As long as they learn the coping skills to be okay they will eventually be able to move forward in their lives.

Do you know someone who is going threw this issue? What is your experience?

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These days mobile phones are counted as a basic necessity . Life without them has become a dream and it is but obvious all the modern age kids become familiar with it at an early age.

Familiarity soon leads to attraction which then turns into addiction. All that interests the kids these days is a mobile phone. No doubt it is also a good medium to make them learn many new things via APP’s but the effect that it brings to their eyes cannot be neglected.

The main reason is nuclear families. Kids don’t have partners to play with and all they find interesting is to keep engrossed in mobiles.

Outdoor activities have taken a back foot. Kids do not want to leave the comfortable mattresses and AC rooms and step out of the house. This is the main reason for rising obesity and declining immunity in kids these days.

Second reason is working parents.When both the parents have a professional life it is hard for them to spare time for there kids and if they are engrossed on phone and allowing them to do their work it is no less than a big relief for them.

The ill effects of all this are manifold. Kids are losing there innovation and self thinking capabilities. Their eyes are getting badly damaged .

This is affecting their mental as well as physical health. Their concentration and dedication towards towards studies are declining day by day.

I don’t say that mobiles are like a dangerous weapon for children. But like excess of anything is bad so is the over usage of mobiles.

They are multiple applications which are available for all age groups that can help them to learn many new things. Kids learn more when they see anything visually but to monitor what they are seeing is the parent’s responsibility.

If done in a controlled and guided manner its ill effects can be widely controlled.

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Is their likeness between sex and drug addicts’ brain activities?
December 31, 2016

Is their likeness between sex and drug addicts’ brain activities?

Why I am asking you this like of question to find out whether they have the same brain pictures or imaginations. If there are sex addicts, so with drug addicts. The question is how is their brain position enough, why cannot stop themselves from a sinful, illegal and immoral activities and desires?

From the standpoint of scientists ‘definition, they said that sex addiction is a contentious condition. I agree and believe, you, too, agree. Many believe that it doesn’t exist. Of course, they are not doctors so they do not agree. Accordingly, doctors and scientists said that sex addiction is characterized by an obsession with sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The same way with drug addicts, if they are high on drugs, they forget everything and what their minds suggest will be what they will act heinous or not.

This could be debated, but in my own standpoint, the two have the same brain activities, dirty, malicious, and illegal to the eyes of God and laws of the land; thereby, punishable according to the crime committed. Many experts claim that sex addiction is indeed real, and the brains of potential sex addicts and drug addicts are the same.

That is why the world can never stop transmitted diseases AIDS because of some prostitutes the people of the world considered as the carrier of this sickness. But what must ordinary persons do? The answer is so simple, avoid engaging with someone whose background not known to you.

Actually, we cannot blame them (those sex and drug addicts); they are also victims of lies and cheats. They cannot control what they long for their addiction excessively in an uncontrolled manner. They feel they want to stop it, but they are unable to do so. It causes distress and functional impact to their lives, which is true. They are not happy with what is on going to them.

Let us not despise them for they are not oriented with drugs and sexual transmissions of sicknesses. They are victims of poverty, ignorance and abuse.

The researchers learned that those drug addicts desire something as an index of wanting, and such in reality, they do not like. It is the dictation of their brain what  they are wanting without having pleasure after fulfilling the thing. They are working hard for the reward of the drug, but they don’t necessarily enjoy it.

Regardless of whatever they do and whoever they may be in our society, they are still humans and need treatment. They should not be separated from the society. They are victims, so let the chance prove they are wrong and have the right to correct their wrong doings in the community where they belong.


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Image credit by Facebook




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