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I’d Rather be a Positive Person
August 12, 2018

Oh the negatives could either cause a person to meltdown or could cause a person to become more determined, motivated, to rise higher. No matter what’s said if a person trains their mind to think positively then there will be less disturbances within the mind. There seems to be a lot of negative People and how does one deal with negative People? Meditation works. Think about happy occasions. “Surrounded” by positive and visionary People will help. “Smile and find that there will be more enjoyment the mind is what keeps so many behind.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

The mindsets of some causing their decline. The way a person thinks could really make the difference. Thinking positively can generate more happiness and when others are seeing how positive a person can be then they may try to be positive. Mankind seems to be disconnected with positive thinking. There are lots of disruptions and if a person focuses on what’s being said then their mind could break down. I’ve discovered that singing helps and listening to soothing music. Oh what a joy!

I’d certainly rather be positive then to indulge in the negative environments. There are so many ways to generate the peace which leads to positivity. The negative words can “be transformed” into positive words. The communications can result in greatness. Indeed. How many are truly willing to be positive to experience the positive avenues.” By: Tanikka Paulk? What is there to be said about negative People? They’re always selecting to dish out their hatefulness. Throw some positive their way and keep moving along.

I’m able to smile so therefore the shade thrown my way is a sign that I’m on the right track. If they’re always in tuned with trying to disrupt my path then they’ve realized that I’m gifted. Yes, I’ve said that=Tanikka Paulk. My path is so “important” that there are so many wanting to travel along. I’d rather join with the positive ones which may seem difficult to find. There is joyfulness experienced here. No matter what’s coming from their mouths it’s how a person thinks which truly makes the difference.

I’ve chosen to listen to some very soothing sounds such as rain, chimes, the ocean breezes. Oh what a great way to experience peacefulness. Why should any person allow folks to cause the stresses? I’m going to continue to make headway as long as I’m here. My importance is proven by the way so many continue to try to gain my attention by their actions. If I Tanikka Paulk plan to reach the destination in which I’ve desired then I’d focus and won’t be bothered by the attitudes they’ve tried to project upon me=Tanikka Paulk.

“Be Makes Attempts to be Positive and Will do so Continuously. How Many can?” (Tanikka Paulk).

“A Glow of Light has, will, and will continue to shine oh so brightly.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Keep reading as long as you keep living
muscari-562110_1280 field_We Fight our Battles Through FaithIt’s important that we do not lose hope no matter what we go through.

Reading is the way out of ignorance, and the road to achievement. Our mind needs nourishment, for it is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited (Puitarch). We must learn everything we can but be bold enough to think for ourselves. When we give our best selves and think for our selves we end up taking risks. When we have done our best, we also have to learn that we still need to rely on God. Our best-no matter how good-is incomplete if we leave God out of the picture. Negativeness is always lurking around waiting to take over. If we allow ourselves to dwell on negatives, on hurts, on mistreatments, we will be negative thinkers. To make the most out of life, all of us need to stop, think and analyze, and use the talents God has given us. People will always try to break us and tear us down. Therefore, it is important to remember that no one can make us feel inferior without our permission (Eleanor Roosevelt). Our place of abode, country our ethnicity will only hold us back if we let them. For it is not where we have come from but where we are going that counts. If we observe and reflect and commit ourselves to giving our best, we will come out on top.

Francis Bacon reminds us that knowledge is power. It enriches life itself and makes us better people. It broadens our grasp of the world around us, for it is the key that unlocks all doors. Our brain is the center of and for information. It works most effectively with consciously retained information. If we make every attempt to increase our knowledge in order to use it for human good, it will make a difference in us and in our world. Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant, and interesting (Aldous Huxley). Reading activates and exercises the mind. It pushes us to use our imagination and make us more creatively inclined. If we develop in-depth knowledge, it will enable us to give our best to others and help to make a better world. It does not matter where we come from or what we look like. If we recognize our abilities, are willing to learn and to use what we know in helping others, we will always have a place in the world. God created us, loves us, and wants to help us to realize our potential so that we can be useful to others. When we rely on our relationship with God, it also makes us more capable individuals. We should do our best and let God do the rest. If we acknowledge our need for God, he will help us. We do not have to be victims of circumstance. If we give our best we cannot lose. We are still able to grow as long as we are alive. If we want a successful life-a life of inner peace and of contentment-we have to work for it. God expects us to do our best at everything. By thinking big we can transform our world.

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Faith in our own ability
April 26, 2017

We all know that success and failure are as much related to each other as two sides of the same coin but we still feel hesitation while starting a new venture because we feel afraid of failing at our attempt. The reason is simple, if we are short on self confidence the chances are we would not be able to gather enough courage even to attempt something new. And the worst part of the story is that does even worse for our self confidence lowering it further down.

I was reading a book “Commitment in Organizations: Accumulated Wisdom and New Directions about Organizational Frontiers by Howard J. Klein, Thomas E. Becker and John P. Meyer. The book is a complete review and application of the three components, conceptual model of organizational commitment. (Available at Amazon)

In my views a perfect and indispensable book for organizational commitment research must for anyone interested to learn about how to cope with low self confidence at work place related problems. The book is all about how you tackle the confidence related issues thinking in a positive way.

You feel as much low or full of confidence as you believe in your abilities or feel confident about doing something. You are as good or bad as you feel you are. If you feel you are not good enough for doing something it is better to not start that job because your chances of getting success are too low.

Basically, Self confidence is source of unlimited positive energy that keeps pushing you towards your desired goal keeping you hopeful achieving success at every step. Self confidence is ultimate mantra of success.

However, I must remind you at this point that everyone of us wants to achieve success but the success depends entirely on your willingness to learn, right strategies, right planning, practice, ethics, regularity and most important of all patience. If you have enough self confidence in you there is nothing that will stop you from achieving you your desired goal.

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Beginning of the race- The lean period
March 16, 2017

I have had my fair share of ups and downs in different fields of life including world of internet but I always came out of them or became even stronger after each episode. I am not ashamed to agree that I reacted aggressively at times or felt unhappy at occasions but that doesn’t mean that I am dissatisfied with my online activities.

In fact, I am really very happy with my position or what I achieved but all I can say is that I love the situation that I am in right now and feel perfectly comfortable or you can say excited with the prospects I see for myself in near future.

Let me admit that maybe I am not an important person in online world for my limited knowledge compared to my learned friends still I feel I am happy the way I am. And it may be my personal opinion but I am stuck to it that being lesser talented is no proof of my weakness but I personally feel that being over satisfied is end of the road.

I have always felt being little bit of unsatisfied helps my cause. Yes, I agree at this point that I never feel satisfied with my success stories or sit idle just because I have reached to a particular level of satisfaction but that I consider the starting point of yet another beginning of the race but I try to achieve the next level of success from there on.

Do you think there is anything wrong if I look at next target once I have achieved my first or you feel I am too ambitious? I know some of you might consider me a person too greedy but what I meant was that there is always lot to be gained yet. Actually speaking we are no more in a day or age when one can sit feeling totally satisfied as there is lot more to achieve after every achievement.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/earth-appointment-meeting-1996138/

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