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Horrible Treatment from Suppliers at Work

Today one of the worst situations happened at work.  We had ordered around two weeks ago a roof for a client. Usually the week we pay for the roof is the week they send it to the boat to get here to the islands. I finally called them to see what had happened to the roof since our client was demanding and getting restless, when they told be that the factory had some problems and had major issues with sending the merchandise on time.


Our client decided he didn’t want to wait so i try calling other suppliers on our island to see if they did in fact have the roof we wanted. When i called one of them they said they did not have the product we wanted, yet our client went there and bought the product.

We now have a couple of issues because the merchandise was paid for and now we need to cancel it. Our island supplier decided that i didnt understand her when she didnt explain things the right way. Our client now wants his money back and we now need to cancel the deal and try to get our money back.

Today is a day full of chaos and is still going on. The mainland suppier isnt answering any calls and we need to figure out how we are going to cancel the shippment and get our money back without getting blacklisted.

If the island supplier explained things the right way it would have been much easier. We need to get the money back from them as fast as we can because our client demended his money back today.

Not only this but there are much more problems adding up and none are getting easier to resolve.


Now we need to try and resolve all of this before something bad happens.

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Healthy Vegetable Lasagna for Beginners

Healthy and Tasty

Lasagna is possibly one of the oldest types of pasta to be made. Traditionally it is made with meat, this is what gives most of the flavour to the dish but over the years there have been various changes to the recipe.

Not everyone now a days eats meat but that doesn’t mean that can’t have some good dishes to eat as well. This Lasagna has been adapted for vegetarians but is also a good and healthy dish for everyone to enjoy. Try this healthy dish and leave meat aside for a while. Keep it healthy and enjoy eating your meals just like any other.


Cook Time

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 50 min
Ready in: 1 hour 10 min
Yields: Serves 4 people



2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1 Purple Onion, Chopped
1 Red Pepper, Chopped
2 Garlic Teeth, Crushed
1 Zucchini, Diced
1/2 Broloci, Chopped
2 1/2 Cups Mushrooms, Sliced
1/3 Cup Sweet Corn, canned without water
1 3/4 Cups Canned Tomato, Diced
300g Lasagna pasta
1 cup Mozarella Cheese



In a big pan heat up the olive oil and sauté the onion and red pepper for around 3 min. Mix every once in a while.
Add the garlis and sauté it for another 2 minutes. Add the remaining vegetables to the pan and give it a mix.
Fill half of the can of tomato sauce with water and add it to the pan. Bring it to a boil and reduce the heat. Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
Pre-heat the oven to 190ºC.
Grase the tray you will use to put the lasagna and add 1/4 of the mixture and the stock.
Cover the layer of vegetables with a layer of lasagna pasta. Repeat this until all the vegetables are in the tray. The last layer of the lasagna is vegetables.
Add cheese on the last layer of vegetables and cook in the oven for 30 minutes or until cheese is melted and pasta is well cooked.





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They finally got married :D

Today was a special day for my best friend. She has been dating her boyfriend for a while now and he was here in Portugal on a turist visa. He wanted to stay here but there was no easy way to get him legal and be able to live out his life with her in any way.


It was decided that they wanted to get married and start a family and that was the simple solution but not an easy task due to immigration laws.

His visa was already running out and if they didnt get the wedding approved then he would have to fly back to Brazil for a couple of months to be able to return.

Last Wednesday we went to testify to her marriage proposal at city hall. This was a wonderful day because they didn’t see any reason to send the file to immigration. So they marked the wedding date for today.


They got married this morning and there were 4 witnesses. After this we had a little ceremony by having a little gathering and going out for lunch.

After lunch we went to get the wedding rings (yes this was after the wedding). Luckily i had the morning off and could be there the whole way. I am very happy for them. They got what they wished for and it wasn’t as diffecult as they thought it would be.

So today is a happy day and one to remember. A civil wedding with a couple of friends but it was something that meant alot.


We finally have a new family member and it all worked out. We all couldn’t be happier for them. This is something that they really deserve after so much.

Now they are going to save up to get their life started up by getting a house and actually starting their family as they wanted so badly.

These are moments we need to remember forever. Just the thought of this hard process getting by in one day made everything so awesome.

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Taking an Online Photography Course

The other day i was surfing around Facebook when i found an interesting link of an online academy that has courses and gives diplomas. Some of these courses are usually around 400 euros and that is a lot of money for this kind of diploma.

I really wanted to take this course to learn some more in photography and get some kowledge in this new hobbie i want to take on. The good thing that i found was that they were giving away some free spots for a day and got 2 spots, one for me and one for my boyfriend. It is a 4 week course and at the ending you can do an exam to get a diploma.

I have read the Faqs and have seen that after taking the exam and if passed we get a diploma in photography which is something very good about this site. It is better than attending a workshop because you stay with the credit you need.

I am also trying to find other courses like this for photography and editing to try and improve my skills. I am hoping i find another couple of courses i can attend to get a diploma.

With these courses i intend to take better pictures and try and sell them online or even just make a blog with the pictures i take. Not sure which one of them i am going to do first. I guess the best pictures i take will go to my blog and i can sell pictures from my blog. I just need to figure out which method is the best.


I hope i continue this hobbie and get better at it. This is something i would really want to learn to get good at but i know it is going to be a little hard. I just need to work a little hard and study what i need to to get the knowledge i need and try and practice what i learn.

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The Story of a Desperate Teenager

19 year old Marta was a desperate girl. She was desperate to be loved and have a good life and did for a while but it wasn’t easy. She wasn’t easy to deal with. She was suicidal and very sensitive to various things.

Marta dated a boy for 10 months and she was happy but she wasn’t exactly the best girlfriend. Marta was a extremely jealous girl and this affected the relationship. Her boyfriend couldn’t have any friends or best friends that were female because she would have major jealousy attacks. Not only this but she was extremely possessive. There wasn’t any shame at all, she couldn’t be in public with her boyfriend because she would be inappropriate in front of all their friends. They would have to tell them to basically “get a room”. It wasn’t exactly something you should be doing in public.

Because of this excessive jealousy and the way she was possessive the relationship started going downhill. Most of the days where just fights. Fights about stupid little things where she would do anything to control him. It was something out of this world. He loved her but had to hide that fact he was going out with friends that were female because she would make a huge scene.

A little through her life she discovered she was adopted. This made her go crazy. Her biological father killed her mother and she was put up for adoption. Now the thing here is she was adopted due to pity. Nothing else. This did not make things easier. Marta had been the kind of person to cut herself when she was down and she had try to kill herself in the past. This is not an easy person to deal with.

Down the road her boyfriend broke up with her. The way she was with him was getting exausting. He couldn’t do anything and that is no way to live life. He was a play boy before and after this relationship. They broke up and he decided to see other girls to get the pleasure he needed. It was a thoughtless thing. Little hook ups to manage what he wanted.

There was a problem here, she knew he was a very horny person and decided to play around by telling him that colorful friendship would be find. Sex and nothing other than sex.

He was warned by many that this was not going to end well. She was a desperate person, she was trying to get him back with what he loved the most. They even got back together for 1 week but it ended fast. She was the same. She disnt change.

This made her crazy and she decided to start write to all her friends and herself a suicide letter where it would point out “in other words” that it was the boyfriends fault when in fact it wasn’t. She just couldn’t deal. That night she went to the hopsital for drinking bleach. Family members caught her on time to pump her stomach before something horrible had happened. He was in pieces. She was going to do something awful but he couldn’t go back to her just because he didn’t want her to kill herself. It wouldn’t be fair to either one of them.

She started to lash out at his friends and call them whores and many other things. In the middle of all of this she started to turn into what she was calling the others.

He was already in the middle of a not official relationship and yet she wouldn’t stop stalking him and calling him but always bad mouthing the girl. It was something out of the ordinary. Something you see in movies.

On night out, the new couple decided to go out. Marta was not in her right mind and her friends didn’t help her either, but she saw them together and decided to try and offer sex to him with her there.

After a while she finally stopped with the calls but decided to post things directly for him. Yet she was the one already offering sex to everyong around. She became the liar who called other’s liar, the whore that called others whore and the one no one likes because she was pitied on.

She is moving on but she is broken and there is nothing that could fix her now.

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Work Day is Passing by Fast

Today is actually a good day at work. There are not alot of problems going on, my boss is out on a job and we have most things straightened out for the day.

This afternoon passed by very quickly, i had to make a receipt for one of our clients and go for a 30 min drive to give it to him for him to pay our services we did to his boat. It was a fun drive, the day was beautiful and sunny. It made it the perfect day to be driving on our highway.

After i got the check i went to the bank to deposit it into the company’s account. Since i was down in the city a took a little time to go visit a friend of mine that was at school. The car was parked right in front of the school so it was easy to go and visit her.

When i was finished visiting her i went to by some pastries for me and my colleague to snack on when i got back to the office.

Before going back to the office i still had to go and pick up some medical papers at a laboratory. I thought i was done driving around so i came back to the office.

When i got to the office i think i sat for around 10 min and had to leave right then to bring my bosses daughter to tutoring and get some materials we needed to finish up some services that we have here.

Finally i came back to work, finally ate and am now sitting and resting a bit. I still have another hour and a half of work before i leave but there isn’t much more to do today so i guess i am just going to write around a bit.

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Fathers Day went well – Sunday Dinner
Father of Modern Computer – Charles Babbage

Sunday was father’s day and we had a dinner at home with the whole family. The thing is that my grand father and father don’t really get along or talk that much. We didn’t even think my grandfather was going to eat dinner with us but in the end he ended up coming to dinner.

We had some octopus soup and pizza that we ordered from a local shop.

Like usual dinners we were all talking about our lives and things we were thinking of doing. These are the only times that the family is ALL together. The good part was that my father and grandfather actually spoke to eat other. There were no angry looks, there was no silence, they actually behaved at the table.

This is a rare occasion. Usually only happens on Fathers day. The other days they simple dont talk to each other. It is better than always fighting with each other.

Hopefully this will continue this way. At least there is no harm when they dont talk to each other or at least getting along on these special days.

Now all we need to do is wait and see how long this will last. It hasn’t been as bad lately but they have a mini, unspoken war against each other that is almost impossible to handle.

I know i am a bit late to share my Fathers Day experience but this was the only chance i had to come and write a bit. The last couple of days have been a bit busy at work and today i finally had the chance to come here and write, today i feel a bit inspired and hopefully will be for the rest of the day.

How was everyones Father’s Day experience? Did it go well, what did you do, what did you eat? Share your experiences.

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Vaping – Alternative to smoking and entertainment
Cloud services in India by AmazonImage source https://pixabay.com/en/cloud-cloud-service-internet-156135/

Everyone knows smoking is not good for our health. Cigarettes contain various chemicals that damage our lungs and other parts of our system. Yet it is not easy to stop smoking and this is due to the need of nicotine.

Someone decided to make an electronic cigarette. A disposable cigarrete that would provide the nicotine and some flavour without giving us all those chemicals that a cigarette gives us.

After the electronic cigarette they decided to make vapors which are a better alternative to those that have longer use of this. You can decide to vape with or without nicotine and even pick any kind of flavour you want.

These vapors are not easy but after a while they end up being wallet friendly so to say. You can choose to learn how to make your own liquid and this will help you save up, instead of buying already made liquid that tend to be a bit expensive depending on the brand.

Now after they decided to make vapors for those that want to smoke but try and be a bit healthier, some people decided to vape without nicotine and make some tricks with  the smoke. There are various things you can do with the vapor smoke. Some people even enter talent show for this. You van adjust the vapor to make denser clouds. Some people even vape just to make dense clouds and play around with their tricks.

There are videos all over the internet about tricks that you can do with vaping. They are kind of nice but not easy.

I myself have tried vaping to reduce the number of cigerettes but it didn’t quite work out that well. It made me want to smoke cigarettes more then when i was actually just smoking cigarettes.

If you are a smoker and you wanted to quit would you try using a vapor, electronic cigarette or just go cold turkey and quit everything for good?


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International No Selfie Day Really?

So i read somewhere that today is supossed to be International No Selfie Day. What kind of day is that? It is the worst day to even have in this modern world where everyone lives on selfies. Everone takes at least 3 selfies a day, if not more. Some people live on selfies or even earn money on selfies so on day without taking a selfie would hurt their bussiness i guess.

I have seen some people stating what they think about this day by simply posting a selfie. The unspoken way of saying i don’t care i am doing it anyways. How can someone ever think that this day wouldn’t even be worth inventing. All over the world, all these people and they really think they could get away with No Selfie Day, really. That is a bitch of a stretch. It is almost like telling a dog not to eat a bone that is already in it’s mouth.

The Selfie is almost an addiction to some people which means it is almost impossible to have  day where no one would take a selfie.

There are some days that people invent that are just plain ridiculous. I have seen so many stupid ones i don’t even know where to start. It is almost the same thing as saying “you know what i want to invent the Cut Off Your Leg Day”. If this day existed you think anyone would actually be stupid enough to cut off their own leg (except for those with that kind of mental problem maybe)?

Well i already did my part and DID take a selfie today and probably am going to take much more. I am myself a bit of a selfie junkie but also i am just a really bored person so i take selfies for Instagram just to entertain myself.


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19th of March is Father’s Day

Like every year, me and my brother never know what to get our dad for Father’s Day. It isn’t easy because the starting of the month he has his birthday and it is already hard enough to get him a gift then, now we are at almost the endng of the month, need to get him a new gift but have no idea what.

Even though fathers day shouldn’t be celebrated with just a gift, fathers day and mothers day should be everyday. They are the ones that gave us life and raised us. Even for the adpoted, someone was their as your mom and dad and you should be grateful for the people that decided to take you under their wing and call you family. That is the best part.

Now a days we have a day for everything but i think when it has to do with family then this should be something celebrated everyday and not just one day a month. Everyday we should celebrate the time they have spent with us and enjoy all the time we still have with them. Like everyone knows, nothing lasts forever. A bit harsh to say but truth must always be said. We need to enjoy those days we have before it is too late. We should never have regret in life and regretting something we haven’t done is the worst part.

Either way we always get a little something or make some kind of dinner and spend time with our father. No matter how they are they have always been by our side even after all the stupidity, after all the pain we caused, after everything and then they see how we have grown into decent people because they knew how to deal with our fases and made us better people.

Fathers day, do you celebrate it? If you do when and how to you celebrate this day with your father?

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