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Know how many people are earning online in a simple and genuine way

At times I feel jealousy to tell others about this earning program, because it creates a good stream of income. This is not a quick money making business project. This is a long term business deal, that will make you earn steadily throughout your life.

It starts by training and learning, then earning. You need a lot of effort and time on learning how to do it. But the result will be a continuous income inflow.


In fact, what business can pay anyone without training? Without investment? Without effort? Only fake internet businesses promise you thousands of dollars without these.  I am not a cheap business person to profit from lies. I want to tell people things that bring bread on their tables.

An online business does not mean cheap money. Someone should also work hard, just as we do in our other forms of business. The good thing about your own business, based on the internet is that it will belong to you.

From my religious background, I have been taught not to lie or cheat. And how can I try to cheat people for the sake of money. I am talking about Wealthy Affiliate Business. The business that has produced millionaires from hard work and perseverance. When you join wealthy affiliate you get all important training. The training period depends on your learning capacity.


The free training period takes you one day. From there you can start doing your tasks to earn real money. The first task is to get other people to join and you earn commission instantly.


Then you get more intensive training when you upgrade yourself for $19 per month. However, you can earn without paying anything. You get training in the following areas:


Web development


Article writing


Traffic generation


Affiliate marketing.

For a genuine online business, you need a website or websites where you base your business. From your website you will earn from affiliate marketing with big firms such as Amazon, eBay and Clickbank.

Many people fail to realise large sums of money through affiliate business because they do not have their own websites with reliable traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate has got many tools to help you to market the business. But I like the art of writing articles. After all, Wealthy Affiliate taught me all this. So why not share back. Do not thank me now. You will thank me in the future.

This is a genuine course from which you evolve into a full time internet entrepreneur. Why would you want to spend your time joining scammy businesses, that lie to you?

Ok! Hands Off. The decision is yours. It is all about faith and trust in me.


For more information, click the Link WealthyAffiliate

For more earning programs visit: MoneyScope


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Earn more from Online Business

Put more effort into online business


The current lockdown in many countries of the world creates a good opportunity to earn online. Many people have little to do at home in countries where the lockdown are. Many websites have experienced a huge increase of visitors during this period of the COVID-19 lockdown.


Many people have also resorted to online business. For those who rely on their salaries and wages, there has been a new realisation. Some companies have cut wages and salaries and others are not paying at all. In many countries, the informal sector is virtually on a standstill. This should give us a lesson.


It is best to supplement our incomes. It is not the best of a situation for one to depend on a salary or wage. There are many opportunities for people to earn money online. Personally, I rely on affiliate marketing and blogging. This generates good revenue for me.


Affiliate marketing


With affiliate marketing, a person advertises a company’s products and get paid. The amount you are paid is in direct proportion to the revenue you generate for the company. This is because many companies pay people, a percentage of the price of the product as a commission.


Let us say someone has advertised a product worth $100 and the commission is 10%. It means if a person buys the product, he/she gets $10 as a commission. So, the more that the people you refer to the company buy the products, the more you earn. The good thing is that you earn from more than one company.

Find affiliate sites here



There are many platforms that pay people who contribute articles to them. Currently, many platforms are paying in their tokens or crypto coins.  A person will then sell the crypto coins and get fiat money. People who enjoy writing articles would better write for platforms that pay than writing for those that do not pay.

I write for more than 30 blogging sites that pay. I make it an objective to write at least three articles for each blogging site per week.

Click the link if you want to see the sites that pay to blog: Earnfromblogging.







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A unique way of making money online with empowr
January 31, 2017

Online money making with empowr


With technology development people can make money online. Although technology seem to be highly used in developed countries, it is in developing countries that many people can benefit significantly. There are many sites which create an opportunity for anyone who has internet to make money. Of course some of the sites do not pay much, but one needs to widen the nets, by trying to access as many income generating sites as far as possible.


Online income generation can be one aspect that can improve the lives of people in poor countries, take Africa for example. The unemployment rate in most African countries is above 10, which means that many people should have something to live on. However, it is not so easy to make money online, if you do not have the expertise. Multi-level marketing sites are most popular but they pay very little. Paid to click businesses are also popular, but gaining reasonable income per day may be hard work. People who have internet access in their homes can do some of these for fun and earn.

There are some unique sites that pay well. The one I have get to know is empowr. Many people think that empowr is a scam, because they do not know how the system works. Anyone who wants to make money on empowr must learn the system in and out. Lack of knowledge on the system leads people to have false conclusions. Other people easily get frustrated at empowr because they come with the aim of making money quickly. Empowr is not a quick money making scheme. It needs the acumen of a business person to create wealth using empowr. One needs to be patient, and hardworking. Empowr gives hope to the poor people of the world. It covers most countries as well.

The website is www.empowr.com





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Marketing your products to increase sales and revenue

Marketing of products


One of the main skills that business people should have is that of marketing.  Entrepreneurs who have marketing expertise are able to increase their sales and make their businesses viable. It is vital, therefore that managers develop essential marketing skills. But, what is marketing and what is its scope?

Marketing involves a number of aspects. It is like a tool box. A good tool box is composed of many tools or equipment. The marketing tool box is composed of the activities that are important for persuading the customers towards buying some specific products. Marketing is everything you do in order to find out who your customers are and what they need. It relates to how to satisfy customers while making a profit.

Marketing therefore involves the following activities:

  • Providing the products and services that satisfy the customers’ needs and wants,
  • Setting prices that the customers are willing to pay,
  • Getting the products to the customers,
  • Informing and attracting the customers to buy the products.

Therefore, marketing is like a tool box, composed of branding, advertising, direct mail, promotion, market research and public relations. Therefore, marketing deals with:

  • Finding out what customers want,
  • Producing and selling what people want,
  • Letting people know about the products you are selling,
  • Selling your products at the right place,
  • Selling your product at the right price,
  • Making services unique and more attractive that the products of other companies,
  • Knowing and getting close to the customers.

Why is the need for marketing?

In order to succeed entrepreneurs must attract and retain satisfied customers who are willing to buy your products. Marketing programs are aimed at:

  • convincing people to buy your products or services
  • keeping using the product of that company
  • choosing specific markets to serve,
  • finding how to satisfy the identified group of customers.

In order for a business to be successful two things must exist:

There must be a product that customers want, that meets their need,

The customers must know of the existence of such products.

New business people must know of the importance of marketing and how to do that. Fruitful marketing drive leads to increased customers, which influences its sales and profit level.

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