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What makes us uniquely in life

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I choose goodness, integrity and dignity it does not make me weaker.
I understood that goodness is our human instinct, that is one cannot be evil, and if it’s a malicious, such fiendishness act will be accountable by it’s own Karmic forces.

In today’s world, how could we ever comprehend more evidently about the general population who are living appropriate alongside of us? For the most part , these are the people who live like us, who appear like us, however they don’t act or behave like us.

Do we know why there are such a large number of merciless battles against each other, many individuals fight compellingly without any solid reasons. Everyone’s having its own one of a kind, very own unique culture, backdrop and distinctive religions beliefs.

Nevertheless there are so many individuals engaging in a violence, hostile or aggression toward others for the sake of their religion.

These are the ideas of conviction of our present day society:
People will fight for their religion in all causes,
People will die for their religion in all causes,
Yet, unfortunately these people will never learn and practice their religion diligently.

Our Lord Shakyamuni Buddha taught us before, it’s all about the five Kleshas or the five toxic minds.
The five toxins and its key standards are as per the following:
1) Desire
2) Anger, hatred,
3) Ignorance
4) Pride
5) Jealously, envy

These five key standards can be additionally integrated into the three key guideline toxic minds:
1) Ignorance
2) Desire
3) Hatred or anger

How to practice mindfulness and self-reflection ?
How to manage when a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or crisis and emergency?

An authentic and useful mindfulness and reflection techniques do not affect your works and daily life. You don’t need to mastermind time to practice, you can even practice when you are walking. You can take a shot at walking and be aware of the movement onto the foot as the body pushes ahead. You can stroll around at any speed.

Watch your progression and walk gradually and breath in normally. Besides, in reality it can be balanced for strolling around the street, similarly the length of you recall to concentrate in the city lights, different people, and not taking after a machine. This is to evacuate our look and helps you look after core interest.

The practice concentrates on your breaths, breathing in and out tenderly and be mindful. Being mindfulness has helped us to acquire comprehension of how our contemplations interface with. At whatever time, wherever can fundamentally by doing 10 minute reflection and contemplation.

By doing 10 minute reflection and contemplation. Any changes of reality, its inside the methodology of contemplation. This is known as the self reflection. A reflection helps every one of us with understanding our heart, conduct and end up being more prepared and aware of the consistent changes in life.

A reflection, similar to you are taking a gander at the mirror and it mirroring your self, however the mirror itself stay untouchable by any progressions or development. What is touchable is reflecting or looking like of our contemplations .

Take the Dharma as a mirror and investigate yourself, take the Dharma as a scale and measure yourself well before you realize that you are good or evil, otherwise it cannot be distinguished and recognized.
People are selfish arrogance, the eyes see is the shortcomings and inadequacies of others, are their own preferences, they cannot see the benefits of others, but see their own problems.

So constantly accuse others, and do not have the foggiest idea about their own missteps, will not consider each other’s emotions, only consider their own sentiments. In order to practice the mindfulness and reflection meditation, we ought to cultivate these practices daily.

For instance, in the wake of getting up in the morning, you can meditate and reflect for 10 minutes to half an hour. Sit well after the first exhaled out: Inhale, then accompanied by breath, the possibility of the toxic substance minds, such as greed, hatred, ignorance and other negative toxins thoughts from the nostrils exhaled out of the body; this row three times. At that point, unobtrusively stay quiet for some time.

Do not underestimate the more than 10-minute practice, from here to get more settled, will give you an entire day attitude input positive vitality, play a good role in adjusting.

Before going to bed at night, it’s best to meditate for a few minutes. At this time meditation, like through massage to remove the physical fatigue, gently sit for a while, the inner exhaustion and clutter vanish. It can be said that this is a psychological massage that help us to free from stress and anxiety mentally and physically.

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What truly inspires us passionately and greatness in life ?

What truly inspires us passionately and greatness in life ?

Is your heart flawlessly solid? When you experience something in these circumstances?

The sentiment of our heart that cannot be hurt, however the misery did. Do whatever it takes not to surrender affection too effortlessly and feasibly, Arguably, a substantial number of individuals will love or connect to something beyond reasonable doubt. If conceivable best not to settle on a conclusion or decision on any inspiration and motivation, likewise, we certainly will lament a lifetime.

An irritating and awkward sentence or word that will effortlessly do incredible damage to the relationship of the one that once we adored and cherished. There is no single battle or conflict in our relationship that won’t damage us severely, yet most significantly, it is just only our wounded heart that declines to tolerate or persevere.

There is no one who won’t be irate, feeling is not an experience diversion or redirection, but its only our forgiveness heart that we ought to grasp most. Good destiny, by virtue of the heartfelt; genuine emotions, to be not to desert or betray.

In this world, if an individual who genuinely adores you, he would not mean to damage or hesitate to hurt you. On the off-chance that you are not remarkably essential in their souls, you can feel and notice it. The alleged flawless turn, there are others can not comprehend the profundity of evaluation.

On the voyage of life, there are numerous who are accompanying you along the way, be that as it may, there are just only a handful of individuals who are willingly and readily accompany you throughout your life.  Who is waiting silently. Who never leaves, who can always there and be for you. In this world, don’t anticipate that everybody will welcome us , you will not too easily encounter and experience a couple of people in your lifetime.

We simply demonstrate some thoughtfulness, there are so limited or few individuals will truly demonstrate their sensitivity and affectability of fondness and genuinely mind. Delineation , our warmth and feeling are delicate, yet we are magnificently well to envision and keep our inclination concealing in our heart and not open up to others.

Progressively reality, just when the notion will the hardest for us to be confined once we are enamored with love, when our acknowledgment of being adored by our loved ones , this is our weakest or the hardest minutes for us to choose what is essentially right or illogical solutions when we entangled with a relationship.

Once again, is your heart flawlessly solid? When you experience something in these circumstances?

What makes us special in life – Gratefulness.

What makes us to be grateful in life ? Perhaps , there are various of glorious and compelling stories that have impressed you dearly and spiritually .

There is one issue that we do have a tendency or make the most is to abuse one’s kindness. By exploiting the kindness and trust of others, that is appalling. There is one aspect that cannot be betrayed, that is the inclination and this is the sensation of our affection.

One factor cannot be betrayed, that is our truthfulness or honesties. Utilizing the trustworthiness, or the honesty of an individual, this is we do not assume at the liability, by simply picking up popularity and to misleading individuals that once trusted us most.

There is something fundamental, this is companionship. In life there is a fundamental component. That is the companionship, If you are being childish and selfish, continually feeling that exclusive my advantages or that one-of-a-kind my blessings that matter most yet not other. You will never by no means on the planet to find any proper and genuine companions. You will dependably be wound up being desolate and became an edgy person.

You will discover something that is unspeakable, that is our thinking and thoughts; people have their own privacy, rights and interest or passions to pursuits their dreams. We are undoubtedly to respect, every different opinions , freedom of expression, personal privacy, and occasionally maintain a space or boundary , it is likely to make us better in making more understandable and comprehensible relationship.

There is something unpardonable , or unforgettable, That is betrayal; in the event that promised, vowed, alliance over. Betrayal means losing personality, living is worthless. Presently there are elements cannot survive alone, that are despair and depression. Despair and depression are through the failure of various efforts, the destruction of hope.

People cannot live in despair, despair will make people struggling and suffering. It will make people go astray. There is a crucial aspect that cannot or clearly to be disregarded. That is certain, thanksgiving. Everyone came to the world, will or might be favored, loved and cherished by their parents, friends and love ones. Thanksgiving is the gratitude and gratefulness or the cause and effect of the world, is the reciprocal return of mutual benefit.

Generally ,there is one thing cannot be desired, that is authentic distinction and fortune; If people have an influence, want to acclaim personal fame and fortune, It is difficult to come clean and be truthful and for a long time, it will be on a path to self-destruction.

The Divine Manifestation – Meditation

The Divine Manifestation – Meditation

Meditation in the Tibetan language is known as ” Tulpa”.  During the “Tulpa” meditation we rest our hands on our knees, palms facing upward, with this kind of position, our mind and body are in an open position that allowing or enhances the ability to listen or encouraging our awareness.

For this kind of traditional meditation position, it is widely and commonly known as the meditative mudras or hand gesture position. This gesture also known as the giving and receiving hand mudras. With these mudras it allows the energy to flow.

For the history, this open palms had come a special meaning, it means openness, truth and honesty. The open palm is a way to remind us that we cannot cling to anything, it is called it impermanent and detachment.

An open hand mudra acknowledges that we don’t know the answer, but are humble enough to ask.
With this meditation, open palms mudra and position can be seen or known as generous by reaching out, giving and offering to others.

Whether we are sitting in a simple position or more intricate full lotus pose cross leg position. We develop flexibility in the back thighs, back of the pelvis, inner thighs, as well as the external rotation of the hip joints.

The natural curves of the spine are balanced , reducing fatigue. Sitting cross-legged grounds us to the earth, something we don’t get when we sit on a chair. This position decreases blood flow to our legs and allows for more blood flow in the abdomen region, allowing for improved digestion.

With blood flow resistance in our legs, blood easily flows to our brain, stimulating receptive to spiritual wisdom. The straight back represents self-reliance . Symbolizes , the cross-legged posture speaks of peace.

Finally, always meditate with our loving kindness, open our sincere heart with compassion, bodhichitta and be kind to everything , everyone including our rival and enemy. Without the right motivation and loving compassion, we will not be succeeded in doing anything in our life.

Every day is great to learn something spiritually

Every day is great  to learn something spiritually.

What is Mala ?

Mala is a Sanskrit word  and meaning is “garland” and is a type of rosary used in India and East Asia. A mala is also called as a mindfulness bead. A traditional Mala comprised of 108 beads and together it come with a main head bead for starting point.

The meaning of mala bead is called “ Phreng ba” in Tibetan is to arrange in order, or to string many beads together one after the other to form a rosary or garland.  The essence , or nature of a mala is Samaya (vow ) substance used for keeping count of mantras or alternatively , one of the wisdom deity’s hand implements.

Its purposes are beyond count. For example, it helps one to attain the power of perfect recall and to swiftly accomplish the activities of pacifying , increasing, magnetizing and subjugating. This being so, it is taught that it is very important for practitioners endowed with Samaya (vows) to keep and use a mala whose material and number of beads are in accord with the section of tantra (secret practices) they are practicing.

These are some of the general information when one should consider it before having the mala bead:

1) Material
2) Number of beads
3) The string
4) How to hold the mala
5) The head or the main bead
6) The commitments connected to them

When we start to recite mantras or prayer, we always used to keep count while chanting a mantra. The mala bead is held in the left hand and place the mala on your index finger, according to the Tibetan tradition methods.

A repetition is said for each bead. When the practitioner comes full circle to the head or main bead, the sequence is reversed.  Malas are traditionally made of materials such as the rosewood, fragrant sandalwood, Bodhi or lotus seeds, crystal pearl , turquoise and yak bone or even human skull made mala for special ritual ceremonies and tantra practices as described in the Tibetan secret Buddhist scripture.

Finally, The mala reflects the joining of the individual and meditation in a striving toward enlightenment.

The Healing Compassion- Medicine Buddha

The healing compassion- Medicine Buddha
The healing Medicine Buddha, a fully enlightened being, and the reason for undertaking it is clear and simple. If our physical body is sick and generally, any diseases that do really matter or making us kind of worry, frustration, anxiety, even depression. We will do our very best to seek for medical attention and find a cure for our sickness.

A brief introduction of Medicine Buddha.
Medicine Buddha in Tibetan word is called “Sangye Menla” He is better known to the people as the Buddha of Medicine or Healing master of the Eastern Pure land. Medicine Buddha, he is very kind and dear to the heart of many beings. For many beings have indeed received the Medicine Buddha’s blessing in the form of miraculous cures of all kinds of illnesses.

The Sutra of the Medicine Buddha or originally known as the “Bhaisajyaraja Sutra” described Medicine Buddha’s His Eastern Heaven or Paradise and together with complete details with his Twelve Great Vows.

Through the perfection of these Great Vows, This Bodhisattva has attained His Buddhahood and thus became known as the supreme Healing medicine Buddha. He is the great compassion and manifested of all the healing or signified of all the healing powers of all Buddhas.

He is wearing a monastic robe, sitting on a throne. His body color is dark blue, with an Arura plant holds in his right hand. A vase or bowl that filled up with immortal nectar is being held in his left hand. His heart mantra is extremely potent and powerful energies to cure for our physical sickness, diseases, and as well to purify our bad karma, and other negative bad deeds.

While concentrating on this practice, recite the Medicine Buddha’s supreme sacred mantra for as many times as possible.

Medicine Buddha’s Sacred Healing Mantra:

Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze
Maha Bekandze
Radza Samugate Soha

Bardo – The Transition Period

Transition period according to Tibetan Buddhism is called the “Bardo” and the process is known as the Bardo of becoming and takes 49 days of rebirth according to one own karmic.

For some practitioners who had learnt or being trained by how , when , what to recognize during the Bardo stage will be very well prepared for their next transmigration into a higher realm or stage.

As for those who had practiced and aim to be reborn in the Amitabha Buddha’s Dewachen Pureland, and if succeeded to be reborn into Amitabha Buddha’s field, one too will be subject to their karmic and will be born according to the levels of lotus forms or stages until their karma have ripened off and will then meet the Amitabha Buddha and the great Bodhisattvas for continuing the path of cultivation. But some will meet the Buddha and great bodhisattvas immediately because of their merits and their positive karmic.

When these lotus beings are ready they will return as a Bodhisattva’s path to attain the full realization. The Buddha once said that only beings in the human realm can attain full enlightenment.

Enlightenment or self-liberation can be achieved through cultivation, salvation, meditation, Bodhichita practice, and also by practising the Six Paramitas.

The Six Paramitas or known as the six virtue kind acts.  The Six Paramitas can be grouped as follows:

1] The generosity.

To make offerings in any form, be it just a simple donation of food, your times, energy to help others , to the monastery.

2] The ethics.

One should keep the ethnics by being mindful not to disturb or harm the people around.

3] The patience.

Never or not to think that the Buddha’s teachings are too long or profound to understand. If one is always worrying about time and getting bored, then the mind  becomes impatient.

4] The diligence.

To receive any kind of positive, meaningful, useful teachings. Listening diligently with joy and happiness

5] The concentration.

Concentrate during teaching time fully on Dharma, carefully listening, not engaging in conversation with others.

6] The wisdom

To understand what the master or teacher is lecturing and giving teachings and through our insight , properly and completely and making full use of it.


The basic concepts in Buddhism.

The basic concepts in Buddhism can be summed up by the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path.

The Four Noble Truths

The teachings on the 4 noble truths are among the very first of many teachings that our historical lord Shakyamuni Buddha delivered in Sarnath , seven weeks after attaining enlightenment in Bodhgaya , India.

The Four Noble Truths are the basic doctrines of all schools of Buddhism, the three main schools of Buddhism are known as the Thevarada tradition, the Mahayana tradition and lastly the Vajrayana or more commonly known as the Tibetan Buddhism.

The basic doctrines of The Four Noble Truths in Buddhism specifying that all life is subject of suffering and that the desire to  live the cause of repeated existences, only the annihilation of desire can give release, and the way to escape is the elimination of selfishness by means of Eight Fold Path.

1] The truth of suffering.

The first Noble Truth is, that contains suffering. We suffering in life. During our lifetime, we have to experience suffering like the rebirth, aging , sickness and death.

2] The truth of causing of suffering.

We suffer due to craving and clinging to many transient matters and ignorance. Transient matters do not only include the physical objects that surround us, but also ideas and ignorance. Ignorance is because of we do not understandingof how our mind is attached to something Buddha called the impermanent.

3] The truth of the process of cessation of suffering.

The third Noble is suffering can be overcome and happiness can be attained and be achieved. If we can by removing the second Noble Truths of causing of suffering.

4] The Truth of the path to end s sufferings.

The fourth truth is referring to the Noble Eightfold Path. The Eightfold Paths as the path which leada ua to the end of Sufferings.

The basic of Eightfold paths are follows:-
The Eightfold Path is a jouney to attained our enlightenment. Enlightenment in another word is called “Nirvana”
The Eightfold path is an aspect or a matter to end our sufferings. A gradual path of self-liberation or self-improvement, it leads us to end of the cyclic of rebirth and death.
It is a practical guideline to ethical and our mental strengh development with the goal to free individual from attachments
and delusion minds and it finally leads to understanding of the truth about all things. Together with the Four Noble Truths it constitutes the gist and foundation of Buddhism.

The basic of Eightfold Paths are stated as follows ;
1] The right views.
2] The right intentions.
3] The right speech.
4] The right actions.
5] The right livelihood.
6] The right efforts.
7] The right mindfulness practices.
8] The right concentration.