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What is the Meaning of Pleasing Personality?

Most of us misinterpret the meaning or the definition of pleasing personality to a handsome man and a beautiful woman. But the truth is, it is not just about your physical appearance but mostly on your qualitative aspect inside you. This includes the feeling of other people when they are around you, treating people with respect and so much more. This includes oneself willing and efforts to go through self-improvement voluntarily.


Below are some lists of most common definition and traits that can define the true meaning of pleasing personality.


  1. Sincere

This means that you are honest and truthful to whatever you’re going to say and do. Not being a hypocrite and you must be real. For examples:  Husband and wife relationship, employer-employee relationship.

Being sincere is the number one aspect that has an impact on your personality because this will define you as well.


  1. Flexible

You are being capable of changing or adjusting to meet a particular need from a job or a person. These also refer literally to being able to withstand stress without easily breaking. Another term is to be adaptable or susceptible of modification or modernization to a particular situation that may arise.


  1. Courtesy

It is a habit of respecting other people’s feelings under all circumstances. Not being selfish can be listed in here.

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  1. Smile always

When we say smile always, it doesn’t mean that you have to smile all the time even if no one sees you or around you, talking to because they would think that you are crazy. It means that smiling can be one of the most effective traits of pleasing personality. It will also make you appealing to others. You don’t know if someone would be pleased seeing you smiling while greeting or maybe you can complete someone’s day without knowing so don’t ever underestimate the importance of sincere smiling.


  1. Tolerance

You have the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular, opinions, behavior of other people. You are able to endure hardship or pain most especially when it comes to working. In here I can add the willingness to accept someone’s beliefs that are very different from your own although you might not agree with them.


  1. Have a keen sense of Humour

This means that you have the ability to make a person happy by way of thinking, talking, or saying any funny things but not the literal meaning. Having a good sense of humor is being able to laugh even with a life’s absurdities. For example: suppose you have a bad day, now that the day is over and you’re trying to tell your worries to your buddies or colleagues but they doesn’t even care to listen to your whining, then find something funny in your situation. (Most people would say interesting and also likable if you do this.)


  1. Appropriate use of words

Most people who are successful achieved it by careful and attentive effort. Use your language effectively and efficiently as these traits sometimes define who you are most especially when we are talking about first meeting. Do not use it with obscenities (meaning character or quality of decency). Always be decent dealing with people at all times and don’t use harsh words. This trait may sometimes hard to do but with constant doing will make it your positive trait.


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