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Vedic Math Trick- Predicting A Person’s Birthday
Vedic Math Trick- Predicting A Person’s Birthday Photo credit- https://pixabay.com/en/birthday-cake-candles-sweet-669973/

Math is not a subject we all loved back in our school days. However, math need not always be boring. With a bunch of mind tricks, math can be a lot of fun and interesting too.


Lets take a look at one of the branch of this subject i.e. Vedic Mathematics, which offers one a lot of tricks that can help you ease calculations. However, its not limited only to your study books, Vedic Mathematics can be a lot of fun too. Do not believe me, then let me show you one interesting trick that you would love to try.

Let us learn to find out a person’s birthday, with the help of vedic mathematics.



Firstly ask the person to think in mind, the number of the month when he was born i.e.  1 for Jan until 12 for Dec.


Next ask him to double that number and then add 5 to it.

The answer he gets in the previous step should be multiplied with 5.


Next add zero at the end of the answer he derived in the previous step.

To the resulting figure tell that person to add his date of birth.


Now tell him to reveal the final answer to you.

Now you got to subtract 50 from the last two digits and 2 from the remaining digits. The answer you will get in this step is the date of birth of that person.


Eg. If Date of Birth is- 11th November


Month – 11

Double this number=  22

Add 5 to the above number= 27

Now Multiply the answer in the previous step by 5= 135

Put a zero at the end of the answer you got in the previous step= 1350

Add date of birth i.e. add the number 11 to 1350= 1361


Final answer= 1361

From last two digits subtract 50 i.e. 61-50 is 11, which represents date of birth.

From the remaining digits subtract 2 i.e. 13-2 is 11 which represents month.


So the answer is 11th November


Isn’t it awesome!!

Now you can predict any of your friend’s birthday with the help of vedic mathematics.


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    1. Cute trick! I see from the original post that you got quite a few lessons in why this actually works!

    2. I will take the lazy approach and just ask the person.
      They may not tell until you say that you want to buy them a birthday present.

    3. Thanks for sharing this! Vedic Mathematics is simply amazing. It makes calculations so easy.

    4. This got issue in it. What if me and my mom was born in the same month but different days? If the early data uses only month as variable, then our birthday date will be the same value at the end of the calculation, which is wrong. An example. 🤔


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