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Unexpected afternoon at Chez Max

Did you ever experience planning to do something relaxing while your little one takes his nap when all of a sudden – your little one woke up too early from his nap to join the fun? If you did, then we are in the same boat! High five!
Last weekend was a nice sunny day in Dublin. Similar to other weekends, we spent one day outside strolling around the city center just letting the time pass by. It was a good change of scenery especially for me since I am mostly at home (I work from home) and rarely go out. So on days when the weather is particularly nice, it is hard to let the chance pass by without getting my own dose of vitamin D direct from the source!

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My son usually takes his nap around 3 PM and from experience, he can sleep for up to two hours at a time. We love our son. But to be honest, it’s a bit difficult sometimes to get some quiet time when he is around. He really demands a lot of attention and gets upset when nobody is looking or talking to him. There are times when my husband and I can’t even engage in a good conversation to catch up on each other or to discuss important family matters because my son always interrupts! So on that weekend, my husband and I made a plan. We planned to put him to sleep, go to a place to grab a drink, and just spend the time he is asleep just to talk. We don’t really have anything, in particular, to talk about but in order to keep any relationship healthy, one must keep the communication lines open. And besides, we were husband and wife first before we were parents so we need to find the right balance in everything!
As expected, my son fell asleep at around 3PM. We hurriedly went to a nice French restaurant called Chez Max. It is a tiny restaurant but we thought it was the perfect place to be because they have a few seats outside. We thought that if we stayed outside, my son can still have a bit of fresh air and if he moved a bit, we can just push him around again to go back to sleep. We couldn’t be more wrong.
A few minutes after we were seated, strong gusts of wind blew in our direction not to mention gray clouds started creeping in. Where did the sun go!? We just finished giving our orders to the staff when my son suddenly made some abrupt movements probably because the strong wind bothered him. My husband immediately rose up to his seat, pushed the pram in a futile attempt to put him back to sleep. But then, the wind kept persisting and my son’s pram cover probably landed on his face and disturbed him a lot more. After a few minutes, my son removed his pram cover and with a big grin, demanded to get up from his pram. So much for the well-orchestrated plan to spend a leisure afternoon!
I planned to capture a few more photos of the food we ate at Chez Max but the unexpected turn of events only allowed me to take a photo of my drink. Sigh.

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    • Funny indeed. the guy must be having a nice time with you guys.
      Why didn't you give him a sip of the drink?

      • HAHA, I think of the same thing as well. It's like "Hey guys, were you planning to do something fun without me?" It is a good sign (I think) that he likes to spend time with us rather than other people. So Mum and Dad are still popular to him - so let's see whether it'll be the same 10 years from now xD

    • Oh it so happens! I recall when sometimes, kids woke up when we were just about to go to sleep after a tired night, or a tired afternoon. And it is so tough- you can't do anything else. But be patient, it is a matter of a few years and you will not face this situation, even though then you will be faced with getting personal time, away from your child's education and growing up needs.

      • HAHA, yeah I know. To be honest, I will definitely miss these moments when he grows up and need us less. My parents did so I am pretty sure it will be the same for me. Sometimes, it is just "tiring" when you are in that situation. It is getting better in a way and I appreciate all these moments with him. Although I guess it is only natural to want to have a little break sometimes but we can't LOL!

    • Children are the pleasure of parents, toys of old men, friends of the angles, nature wise saint, frolic like sparrow... but also the source of trouble also at home and out of home. Talking about the domestic matter in the street in a loud voice but look good.

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      Child's development is affected by family conditions such as divorce, remarriage, and parental employment. The parent-child relationship has a more important influence on the child's psychological development than changes in the composition of the household. Parenting that is responsive and demanding is related to healthier child development regardless of the parent's marital or employment status. If changes in the parent's marital status or work life disrupt the parent-child relationship, short-term effects on the child's behavior may be noticeable. One goal of professionals who work with families under stress is to help them reestablish healthy patterns of parent-child interaction.

      Parents children emotion base is emotions and emotions and emotions and nothing else. Be careful about your children, all parents.

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