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Thirteen reasons why, book to movie to show

Thirteen reasons why, book to movie to show

Thirteen reasons why is story about young boy named Clay, who reaceive a weird tape, actually more than one record. These records are from a girl that committed suicide and she mention in them why.

Author is Jay Asher focus on the person who did the suicide and named; Hannah baker, why she did that, who influenced her plan, how she lived her life

Though the book is fiction, it has lots of reality events and reasons, that teens lives.

Engages you with the thirteen reason that Hanna end her life for. Its full of suspense and the story behind sending the box of the tapes to clay is interested, because he finds tapes and note from her to him the notes is a threaten; if clay did not do as she is going to instruct him in the tapes the tapes will be public, so whats in the tape?

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the tapes include names of students who affect her and her reputation in the school and the area. About the rumors and the mistakes that these students did to Hana and destroyed her life in school. Talks about boys and girls who were not good friends and did not bother to see how the other students are hurt, but they made fun from new students and who are the enemies and who are the good people. Hananh has only one good friend Tony, what is his place in the story, and was clay a good friend or among the bad ones?

It is in the book and the movie. this simple reviews for the mysterious fiction teen story and book by Jay ahwer, thirteen reason why

The book become a film and show too, you can find it on Netflix, its in short about teenagers life

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