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These signals indicate the big bull market is coming

The entire cryptocurrency market in 2018 was not optimistic. In the first quarter of 2018, the cryptocurrency market suffered heavy losses. Since the beginning of January, total market value has dropped by 59%. The market in the second quarter was also sluggish. The entire crypto currency market screams, and now the bull market which we have looking forward to half a year has been wiped out as it continuously bottom out.


What is the signal of the bull market? I think there must be only one condition for the opening of the bull market, that is money!


First, by analyzing the current market conditions, our market investors have been numb to good news. such as:

1.The mainnet of TRON was starts on June 25. The Foundation will burn 1 billion TRX (worth US$50 million) to celebrate the original independence of the battlefield. However, the TRX price is as stable as moutain Tai, there is no sign of any increase.

2.The EOS main network has a total of 189 projects, which are rich in landing scenes. But the EOS currency oscillated sideways and remained indifferent.

3.Tether over-issued 250 million tokens valued at US$2.85 billion, and the share of the tethermarket has climbed to over 22%. In all USDT trading pairs, about 30% of tokens are trading with ETH.


The mainstream currency like bitcoin and ripple (xrp currency) oscillated down and remained indifferent. These major positive news have no effect on the currency price. What does that mean? It means that the market has no money, and the cryptocurrency community lacks money!


I just read an article a few days ago. There is a story in it, which can help us understand the signals which indicate the coming of the big bull market. Here is the story:


A dog and a pig teamed up to develop a real estate project in a village of 2,000 households, each with an average deposit of 500, 000 yuan. They said they need to collect money first before developing the project, so two thousand families, each paying 200,000 yuan as deposit.


can be returned quickly fund so, let 2 thousand families, each pay 200 thousand earnest money, say bluntly, this is the ICO of currency circle. Frankly speaking, this is the ICO in the cryptocurrency community.


After the people in the village handed over the money, they found no progress in the project. The government told them that they did not register and should run away with the money. Oh no! Ten billion was rolled away.


A few years later, the dog and the pig’s money were run out of due to their luxury cars,  gambling squandered and so on. So they went to Korean for a cosmetic surgery. So a wolf and a fox came to this village again.


the money for dogs and pigs was bought by them for luxury cars, primary three, and gambling. So the dog and the pig went to South Korea for a plastic surgery, and become a wolf and a fox came back to the village again.


The wolf and the fox said to the villagers. We heard that you were cheated. We are good people! If you don’t believe it, we will show you the balance of our card to prove our strength. So the villagers believed the words of the fox and the wolf and handed over the remaining 300,000 RMB  to them. So, everyone was fooled again.


The end of this story is that the entire village has no money. Where is the money? All cheated by the pig and the dog. In fact, the same is true for the cryptocurrency community. Some people team up to develop a project and issue a coin to encircle money, if the project or coin fails,  then they issued another token to continue to cheat. In this way, everyone’s money is getting less and less, more and more people are exiting the community. So where is the money in the currency community? Of course, it was swallowed up by the trading companies, currency issuers, and bookmakers.


With more and more ICOs emerge, platform coins running rampant, altcoins will surely make everyone’s BTC and ETH less and less. In the end, we will be hollowed out by the above-mentioned institutions which aim to encircle money.


With fewer and fewer people have played with the platform currency, the altcoins has been zeroed, and the transaction volume of the altogether coin has slumped. I conclude that the big bull market is coming. Because at this time, these people have only two types of currency in their hands: BTC and ETH. They will definitely push up the price of the cryptocurrency crazily when we lose the purchasing power and confidence. Then, let a large number of potential investors looking at the scene enter the market, and they will be the next batch of carefully nurtured new meat dishes.

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