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There’s Hope Around This Sunshine

The sun is shining oh so brightly

How many appreciate the rays from the sun?

There is joy when the sun is viewed at so many different angles

There is peace when being exposed the the sunny delights and the shadows beneath the Islands pace

My face is glowing knowing that I’ve been giving the ability to in take the views

I’m amused by what the sun has offered “thus” far and what will the sun generate tomorrow?

There is hope, there is prosperity, and abundance.

My prayers shall be answered and there will be more “looks” at the sunshine. Written by: Tanikka Paulk


The Joyfulness Incurred as a Poet

The wonderfully expression which are oh so deep

There are many words needing to gain the exposure

A poet’s dream and an expressive hidden team

What shall there be waiting at the end of the poetic’s journey?

Many may try to take a guess

There are some really appreciating what a poet has to say

The words flowing about and the scenes projected

There are many desires to being, becoming, and transforming the poetic vision

There is the pen to paper.

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The exceptional wordy gifts within the poet is right here

How many enjoy poetry placed on the digital sheets with lots of sweets


My experiences as a Writer and Poet certainly has been an interesting one by: Tanikka Paulk 

There has been past focus on the poetic journey to be able to be expressive is such a joy. How many poets adore their gift or gifts? I’m so grateful that I’ve been given many opportunities to allow my poetic juices to shine. There will be continuous movements towards “being expressive.” There were awards generated because of having such a gift and I’m surely thankful for the ability to write on paper and to project the words on technology. (Tanikka Paulk)

Poet’s Journey Amen!

My poetic journey isn’t yet complete

There are many reasons to sing the songs of expressions

The grounded feelings and butterflies chasing the alphabet

There are so many avenues directed here my words can be encouraging’

Perhaps some refrain from viewing what talents arise

No matter how slumber the days may seem there will be poetics dreams

The findings in which I’ve founded so

There are many hills to climb which so many may not know

Where will the expressions travel?

Many hours in between and there will be the continued dreams


Here are words expressed so deeply and so many may not even appreciate what is stored. There should be allowing to be able to be expressive. There should be concentration on the abilities. I’m going to continue to write and jot down the words in which comfort me=Tanikka Paulk. There is progress within my poetry and there will be more words projected so that the entire world can see.

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