The rich also cry with no one to turn to.

Do you all realize that the rich do cry? Well, you must have heard of a tv series titled “The Rich Also Cry”. I watched that series with joy in my heart. I have come to a conclusion that no one can ever at it all.

The rich do cry alone and silently. They do not cry openly and neither do they cry with people around. They are discreet with all that goes on around them. I have seen so many rich people whom we think from the outside world, have it all, but they are simply dying in silence behind their very white picket fences. A rich man has no one to turn to, because most people think they have it all and can solve or handle whatever befalls them. They tend to proffer solutions themselves, solutions which end up in suicide.

The rich come up with all sorts of problems like the ordinary man. Problems ranging from debt, divorce, children misbehaving, unwanted pregnancies, and so on. These are likely problems for most, but the ordinary ones seek solutions in all nooks and crannies, but the rich would quietly try to solve theirs alone because of the society. This moves me to my next line of discussion. Why do the rich hide when in difficulty?

I have come up with reasons being, the society will look down on them, they may lose all integrity and image and so on. The most important will be the shame. It would be too embarrassing to hear that a big man was caught stealing, or caught in a big scam, messy divorce, adultery etc. They tend to keep up with the Jonesess, even when things fall apart. They now begin to act that same roll as if it were good. Why live a lie? I can never live a lie. I can never pretend to be what I am not. I can never tell you I have it when I know I do not have it. I cannot promise what I can not give you. How long will one continue keeping up to lies? The truth will eventually prevail, and it may be too late then.

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There have been stories of women living the lie for their husbands, in short they front for their men. They buy expensive gifts ranging from cars, watches, rings etc for themselves, but claiming their men bought them. Look at the extent one has to go just to keep up with the Jonesses. All eyes are on me, so I must look good for the cameras. Gosh! It’s sad to know. When the truth eventually prevails, the shame just doesn’t end there, it’s a long lasting memory imprinted into people for a long time.

Lesson learnt, do not think the grass is always greener at the other side. Do not envy people. It is better to be content with what you have than go out to be what you are not. Branding or repackaging does not make you happy, or get you to where you are for too long. It will all come to an end soon. The rich cry silently because some pretend, for those that have it, it’s not just all about money. Unhappiness lies beneath those smiles of women pretending to be happy.

Be yourself and come clean. Manage your finances well. First class airline ticket is not for everyone same goes for brand new cars, designer clothes and what have you. In a big mansion with 10 rooms, you can only sleep in one, if you have 10 wristwatches, you can only wear one at a time, 10 cars, drive one at a time. Be content you all and make your smiles be permanent.


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    Joy E. Ojo

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    • I agree, never envy the rich because they too have problems like ordinary people do. They just have to hide it to maintain their status symbol in society.

    • Yes that is true for sure MAam, do not envy the rich nor the poor, each and everyone has his own sadness and stress, and if each person asked if he want to change his stress with other person stress, each will choose only his own stress, I guess that is life and we live with it no matter what it bring us and dont bring us

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