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The dream of restoring humanity

The word humanity has many meaning- human nature, humaneness, benevolence, mankind, people, human race and much more. With the growing technology and world going in digital era people have developed selfishness, hatred, anger, negative thoughts and all sorts of activities which will bring us down. We are slowly losing that nature of humanity even for a single plant. We fail to understand that trees do have life and they too feel the pain when cut. Are we humane to our mother nature? Do we replace whatever we take from her? No. The nature of humanity is just getting killed day by day bit by bit.

When you read about the happenings of war in the newspaper or watch innocent people die, how do you feel? The Syria- Iraq war just affected me in a deeper way. The consequences of war are the spill of innocent blood. In that how many of them would have died with their big dreams of achieving those one day. This was the thought that came to my mind. I would like to share one incident that happened in my place. It happened in the year 2000 where one public bus was burned because of some political chaos and three young college girls were burned to death. This was the thing that was put in newspapers, “Because of your selfishness in politics you have done this horrible incident. You have killed innocent lives who would have done wonders. Now they died in vain because of your foolishness. ” Just thinking about their parents brings me tears. So, if they have thought of the humanity there, they would have stopped that from happening. The similar thing goes for the war. If everybody thinks of the humanity then there would be peace everywhere and the world will become a better place to live in.

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So, what is your say in this? What is your thought on humanity? Share your views in the comments, friends.

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    • i am totally agree with you.Humanity is dying and selfishness is increasing day by day. everywhere in world we see war,rapes,crimes incresing why? i think its greed, greed of power,money,luxury,lifestyle.
      these are the reasons of loosing humnity.not some people i think we all are responsible for it.for example we waste too much money on our luxurious life but if a begger asked for food we throw him away or if we give a very little what is it? it is inhumanity.

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