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Tea Industry – Adventure and fun with money

Career in Tea Industry is one of the most lucrative careers for Indian job seekers as it pays handsomely besides it has an adventurous life in some of the best peaceful and beautiful areas of our country like Assam and Karnataka and Kerala.

Tea industry is growing rapidly in Indian as well international markets. Most big companies are expanding their business taking over smaller companies and new companies are coming up creating good opportunities for employment in the tea industry.

It would be worth mentioning here that India has almost six hundred thousands of hectares of area where tea is produced spread over different states in West Bengal and Tamilnadu apart from states mentioned above. India is also one of the leading tea exporting countries in the world with some of the best quality of tea produced anywhere in the world.

Personal attributes- If you are willing to make a career in tea industry than you should have a flair for outdoor life. You must have an excellent healthy body and ability to adjust yourself according to environment of the site. You should be well aware about topography and geographical locations about tea-estates for a better adjustment.

Educational qualification- Although specialization in tea sector is as necessary as in any other field as botany, agriculture and food sciences could be the need of the jobs in processing section. However, there is no need of extra specialization in tea management sector but MBA in marketing and business management or human resources is enough to get a job.

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Job Expectations – The tea gardens are managed by a group of managers, assisted by juniors as assistant managers or deputy managers. Initially an assistant manager is recruited to assistant a particular manager in the particular departments managing plants, plucking, processing, packing and transportation. Incidentally, there are many more departments in tea industry but those are too technical to be mentioned in this post.

I saw a ‘tea-tasting’ section during my visit to a tea estate in Assam a few years back. This may sound very ordinary to readers but it was highly skilled job, where experts were mixing and tasting blending different qualities of tealeaves and powders.

Researchers- Tea industry is one good choice if you are a botanist, biotechnologist or expert in any other field of agriculture. Researchers keep on adding new flavors to the tea to upgrade their products constantly. Posted

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    • @suny

      Tea is now a well sought beverage. So, in India there are tea plantations. I think we don't have one here, just coffee.

      Are those women in the picture workers in the tea plantation? Are they dressed like that when they are out there in the field?

      How do they know that a tea leaf is ready for harvesting and be made into teas?

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